Thoughts on LaVey

has anyone here gotten anything out of anton laVey? Should i read his “bible”? do they even practice maick?

Laveyan satanism is more atheistic and more philosophical speaking to indulgence and personal power.

There’s a lot of threads about what others think of specific areas of magic, without sharing their own thoughts of it, making the topic and subject short of substance to stay relevant in the long run.

Have you done any kind of research about Anton LaVey? What do you know of him? Is he worth your effort to dig into a cultist, religious path with set rules to follow? If ascendance is your call, then I see no point in following something not set by your own personal goal of evolving spiritually.

I would recommend you to do some research, share your thoughts of LaVeyan Satanism, and then make up your mind if it’s worth to pursue.

I like the independence in the philosophy of the group but other than that I just regard it as a philosophy opposed to a religion. I consider theistic/spiritual forms of LHP Satanism to have more power and adversarial credence (this also goes for Daemonolotry, which I have great respect for).

No, no, and no.

Lavey has virtually nothing to do with magic. He was a wannabe prophet-like that grouped his ideology under the wrong banner.

I believe he was more of an artist than an actual practicing magician. However that doesn’t mean his work can give some useful insights.