Thoughts on Hyperthymesia?

Since as a child, I have had a very sharp memory when it comes to certain things and details that have crossed paths with my life. I can remember many certain elements in my life very vividly, but above all else. I can remember many things that I have watched, played, and/or listened to. Down to the point that I can literally hear the voices, music, singing in my head, as if I was literally listening to it right now. I did a little research and this to me seems to be along the line of hyperthymesia. It’s a rare condition where people are able to recall very vividly many events and circumstances in their lives. I think that this might be something along the line that I might have although I haven’t been diagnosed with it cause I haven’t seen a specialist to see if I have it or not.

The reason I bring it up in here is because I want to know what others might think how it could possibly affect my magic. I have at times when I try to perform magic that I can’t concentrate or clear/quiet my mind because I’ll have something just pop up in my mind right out of the blue and it’s hard for me to get it out. It can honestly be torture at times and sometimes can derail me from wanting to work on my skills as a magician. It honestly feels like one of those things that feels like both a gift and a curse.