Thoughts on Darkness and Illumination

Hello BALG,

I was thinking on something and after mulling it over I thought you all might like to hear it.

I was meditating on the idea of Darkness bringing Illumination. I always viewed the Light as being the High Illuminator and certainly it is. Light can show us what is around us, what is already there. I have a lot of allies and great friends who are light orientated, and are very powerful. Certainly enlightened beings prefer the light. After all you can see what is around you and where you are going in the Light.

However the Goddess I serve and the God I am getting to know are both Light and Dark and they have taught me a lot. The demons I have worked with and am currently working with certainly have enlightened me to a degree. My own path is neither Dark or Light but is in the middle as I find myself comfortable in Darkness or Light, angels and demons, saints, and the dead, fluffy bunnies and scary rip-your-face-off things.

What gives?

Consider the human brain, can it see? hear? taste, feel, or smell? No it can not. The brain must rely on other organs to supply it with information. Sitting, enshrouded by darkness the brain is forced to cast its gaze inwards. In doing so the brain begins to unravel the mysteries of itself.

Having had discovered what sleeps within itself the brain then can create. The most beautiful works of art have come form an organ that is surrounded in Darkness. Medicine, symphonies, love, weapons of war, pollution (from humans), all of these have been created by the organ that sits in darkness.

The Light illuminates us by showing us what is “out there” the Dark illuminates us by showing us what is “in here”. In the Light there is safety, we can see a cliff before we reach it and thus know to avoid it. In the Darkness there is no such safety. We struggle to find our way around and fall down many cliffs only to have to face the monsters and demons that live in these pits and by extension live in ourselves. Having conquered those we are more apt and ready to conquer the next batch we face.

Light brings illumination of what is already there. Darkness creates something new, and having created something new we can gain a special type of illumination, a dark illumination.

In Nomine Hecate, may She ever light our ways,

Your post reminded me of what my Grandpa used to tell me when I was little and scared of the dark. “Why are you scared of the dark? If I turn the light on you’ll just see what your scared of.”

Or turn into a bat, in which case - whole new paradigm.

I’m not saying that to be snazzy, either: light only matters to us because our brains are oriented round receiving it and making sense of it, which (while that’s a wonderful thing) means it can’t be the definitive force in the universe - migrating birds and some mammals can detect the earth’s magnetic field, and would be lost and dead without it, some insects detect ultraviolet.

Light’s not the only game in town for illumination. I’m leaning towards motion (via intent/conscious will) and also, more stuff regarding spacetime only existing out of raw primal Itness once that will is enacted on it to perceive it, and some of that is UPG I got in the last day or so.

The interesting thing is that that act of will is the kind of stuff that’s traditionally associated with black magick/LHP, whereas just sitting quitely and letting things be as they are, to the point of renouncing everything willed, is a more RHP/“love & light” perspective. Just some musings, apologies if they’re off topic.

IMO light is not just one thing.To the RHP they sit around with their thumbs up their as and let everything be as it will.But light (if used properly IMO) can cause just as much change in our lives and the world at large if used according to our will.The darkness is the anarchy of will.Make whatever change you want as long as YOU want it,and fuck what everyone else thinks.
IMO. the light/dark paradigm is an illusion as they are both there to execute our will.
People will always debate over white majick is doing “the greater good”,but also contradicts not interfering with the balance of things.As well as black majick is selfish and is used for evil or only caring about yourself.

This is all an illusion.Majick is Majick,and it has been programmed into the human brain for a reason.
Majick is there to take care of ANY problem or desire be it “good” or “evil”.Which in my opinion is also an illusion to help the human mind to feed it’s need to categorize everything.

If I want to work with an Archangel one day and a Demonic King the next it doesn’t matter because Ascent is still being had.
And that ladies and gentlemen is what MAJICK is there for.

Light makes lasers. Lasers kill stuff. Killing stuff is of the Darkness. Therefore, lasers are of the Darkness. But lasers are Light so Light is of the Darkness. Darkness/Light. It’s all the same.

And ponies. Must not forget about the ponies.