Thoughts on Azazel callin' me

A year ago I had this dream where a small void showed up in my room. It started talkin’ to me and gave me answers to the questions that I asked in my mind before falling asleep. It also said me his name: Azazel, which I never had heard at the moment.

Since then he always remained in the back of my mind and I feel like he has helpt me with some of my challenges.

Now in the last weeks I have been thinkin’ of him obsessively out of no where, so some days ago I thought of him while I was meditatin’. I felt a chill but heavy presence and also a little pressure on my chest. He gave more answers to my questions and that was it. My mind got a little calmer and the obsession decreased. Then when I went to the park where I workout daily, there are some crows and black herons near to the bars that I use for my calisthenics (they never showed up before).

Could this be a sign of him? Is he callin’ me?

Also Lilith has been lately poppin’ on my mind out no where, just like Azazel in the last weeks. Could be she callin’ me too?

I will appreciate your thoughts on this, thanks.

Evoke them regardless and they’ll tell you. Both are great to work with, Azazel may point you in someone else’s direction at first, in which case work with them until he comes back.

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Done. Deleted the last one by mistake.