Thoughts on a dream (Black Sun)

First of all, I feel this may belong in the Black Magick thread, so if it does, I’m sure it will be moved. Anyway.

I had a really fucked up dream last night. It happens that yesterday, EA put out the newsletter with the Black Sun visualization. I didn’t expect anything to happen, but so far there have been very small changes. The most prominent being a dream that scared me shitless (and I’m the kind of person that would replace “horror” with “comedy” if that helps any). I was scared enough that I could barley get relaxed enough to do the second half of it this morning, the setting of the Black Sun. I’m honestly a little scared to do it tonight, but I’m sure I can push through it.

Details about it…I’d really rather not go into, but the general happenings were that there were murders killing people in a hospital and one came after me. I got him to stop mid-swing with his knife and asked if I could join them (to save my own life more than anything). The guy smiled and said “If anyone, you should survive.” After which I went around, same as them, killing everyone I saw…again only to survive, keeping them from killing me. The line he said and the “giving up morals for what you want” are the things I’d really like thoughts on if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.

I also had an odd dream the other night, i dreampt some huge ass jumbo jet looking thing crashed in my neighbors yard and cracked the wall of my house, this was also after I tried doing the black sune xcercise.

Well, I do have a strong feeling that these dreams after rising the Black Sun have very important lessons to teach. I looked back at every bit of the dream I could and found a few useful bits of information.

I wonder what mine could mean? Think its some kind of warning? not sure what it could be about though. Thinking back, the jet looked odd, it looked actually a bit like a jumbo jet crossed with some kind of ocean liner.

I honestly have no idea.

I’ve also had some pretty weird dreams in the last few nights from doing this. I don’t normally (never) have nightmares but these were definitly scary.

Well damn it! I did the black sun exercise and didn’t get any fucked nightmares.

Defectron, maybe you should make traveling your home as many lessons can only be learned from seeing the world. Also, I always see Hent’yos as that gargoyle thing you drew, he’s about the size of an eagle. He perched on my forearm in my last evocation of him.

Luxbey, why not kill the killers? What morals do you need to give up? Death is a part of life. The hospital is a place where people go for healing. By killing those unable to defend themselves you became equal to the killers. Maybe you secretly want to dominant the weak in order to gain power. Are you fearful of dominating the strong and seizing their power? If so why? Or maybe your watching too many horror movies and have become attached to brutality, domination and death. Just my thoughts. I could be totally off base though.

Honestly that dream sounds more to me like your becoming aware Of your fears and weaknesses. You were willing to harm others against your will to save yourself. Sounds like it was a good exercise for you, now the real work comes in and you confront the darkness and fears with in and work through them.

I think EA sent out that newsletter at a very specific time…we’re all going to be experience some interesting changes going down fairly soon

My first night after doing the visualisation I had some slightly disturbing dreams dealing with some internal fears as TWF said. Last night the dreams were just strange – yet much more vivid than normal along with numerous false awakenings this morning.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but often after I have a dream and write it down on the notepad beside by bed, I wake up a while later to realise I had only dreamt of writing it down which is really annoying.

I never cease to be surprised at how timely EA’s newsletters are. They either directly deal with an issue or contemplation I am having or when applied lead to one of those

That’s also how awesome these newsletter strenghten a “Current” as we are a few folks here jumping into weird exercises for the sake of exploration… altogether somehow, maybe it make the thing stronger yet!

As for me, I didn’t had any strangest dream, but I intend to keep on working with the Black Sun for the minimum 6 days… waiting also for day 3 as it seems to be when the things starts to be blatantly interesting.

We will see!

Keep going everyone.

what kind of sky do you use as the background of the visualization, daylight or darkened?

I vaguely recall having a fairly intense dream but no recollection of what it was. I did have a couple astral projections afterwards, but was unable to get to where I was going, instead ended up in some weird astral dining room.

The first night I did this I had a dream where EA spoke to me and gave me advice that is pivotal to my development at the moment. I won’t say anymore on this but it was powerful stuff.

As I read the newletter I had a vision of solar eclispe where the sun rays were golden and orange and the sky was a burnt orange, reddish color. I had a strong feeling of doom like everything in the world had turned upside or was dark all of a sudden, or as if the world had gone into some sort of sinister twilight zone. I didn’t get to do the visualization before bed however, because I was already so sleep deprived and knew I wouldn’t remember any dreams in the morning anyway. This black sun exercise is pretty powerful I must say.

Interesting, my own inner perception of the Black Sun is more in negative green tones.

I had some anti-christian/satanic dreams tonight. As if my own history of religious liberation replayed in fast forward.

Let see how this exercises and its consequences will evolve…

I imagine the black sun as looking black but emitting purple light.

No nightmares for me other than the usual ones but If I get in a meditative state I will feel the black sun trying to pull me out of my body. It’s a weird feeling

I’ve been seeing pale blues and greens when doing the exercise. The kind you see in morgue scenes in movies.

Wouldn’t call it a nightmare but I had an interesting dream today after doing the exercise especially since I never remember my dreams.

I dreamt I was in a train car and an old man was doing tarot readings for people. I walked up and was about to ask him to read for me. I was about to ask him “what is holding me back” but then felt an intense fear come over me. I then decided to ask him “what am I afraid to know” he refused to do the reading so I took the cards from him gave them a quick shuffle cut the deck and pulled on card. I held it up for him without looking at it and demanded he tell me what it said. He kept refusing and then I had a somewhat lucid moment where ai realized I could just turn the card around. When I did the image was all smokey and I couldn’t make it out. As I was trying to make out what card it was the train crashed and everyone was tossed about. Then the dream got all random and stupid and I was at a water park watching “Ricky” from the Trailer Park Boys walking around asking all the people in the pool if they had any smokes…weird.