Thoughts of a nobody doing nothing

Not really sure what I’m supposed to post here, but I feel the spirit tug so I might as well do some automatic writing (at least as well as I can on a touch screen). I know whose going to talk so I can tell you up front im going to censor a lot of this. If youre easily offended you may not want to read this. This is about no one in particular. We worked together on the title.

Since were being censcored let us just cut to the point, break your mind you big babies! All your thoughts all your logic washed down the toilet drain, and (shocker), it was you who flushed it!

So many people here trying to summon a demon to get a girl who find revenge… ill tell you step one to working with a demon, that thing is your BITCH. YOU TELL IT WHAT TO DO.

If you act scared and frightened it will dominate you and it will fuck your life up bad kiddo. Maybe if that frightens you magick isnt the right avenue in your life. Idk something to think about.

Anyways, your logic is trash. Your puny little senses cant barely pierce the womb that surrounds you (you little thought baby). If you think you know anything WRONG. If you think you know what will make you happy WRONG. If you knew what would make you happy you wouldnt do practically everything you do daily. Thats just a part of being human. Being very, very stupid.

I dont blame you, it is how you were raised. A lot of who most of you are right now is a simple culmination of your experiences. And if someone tells you something (especially when youre a kid) you tend to be quiet trusting.

Well fuck your doctors, your scientists, and your mathematicions. You do not know shit and cant until you take a league out of socrates book.

And if you dont like something I said do something about it :^)

(So much more to post to you unwashed neoserfs, maybe in the future?)

dEMONS like it when the pacts are with straight shooters and is mutually beneficial.

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Ironically, some demons teach logic, like Buer.


Ok cool. Sounds about right.

LMAO :joy: