Thoughts from a Newbie

Hello, I figured we could just touch on a topic that I’ve been considering for a bit. I’ve only been doing magick for about two years now, so I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject by any stretch of the word. However, I have had some experiences which I feel have allowed me to gain a better grasp on magick, namely love magick. I admit I still get tripped up and depressed at times when my magick doesn’t work, but from my failures I’ve come to the idea that magick can’t be used for everything. Sometimes a practical approach is more effective. I also believe that magick works best when you apply it to the proper situation.

Let’s say there’s a man/woman in your life whom you love deeply to point you would die for them but they’ve either fallen out of love with you or barely know you exist. You might try in vain to get this person back in your life. You could use all the layered spells you want and have your obsession take hold of you and think about this person until you get sadder and sadder each passing moment you’re not with them. When the magick fails you blame the magick, but did you ever stop to think why this happened?

For exmple, I had two exes that I now want nothing to do with. At the time we were together though, they were my world, my everything. I did everything I could to make them happy and they used me for all I was worth until they found “better”. In both instances I turned to magick, and in fact, it’s part of the reason I’m here now. In one situation I failed to win him back, was so sad I contemplated suicide. But then when I met my second ex, I jumped straight into a relationship with them, and then my other ex came back around. What I didn’t consider was that my magick did work, he came back but not the way I was expecting. I also used magick on my other ex when he was seeing his ex gf while we were together. It worked, but he was toxic for me and I didn’t want to see it.

My magick worked but at what cost? I was always being taking advantage of. Eventually both exes removed themselves out of my life after I lost everything. And I think a success ritual I did with Elubatel had something to do with that. I’m in a much better place now. But I gained valuable lessons.

Magick should be used like any other tool, properly and with respect. Why use a cannon when all you need is a gun? Why apply magick to a situation you know is bad for you? You may get what you want, but at what price? To suffer more? Magick is not a cure all; it won’t make the asshole in your life suddenly turn over a new leaf. It’s possible, but it won’t be overnight, nor will it be easy. Would you be willing to wait the days and possibly months it might take for this person to change and treat you right, or maybe use magick to get someone better in less than a week? Just because you sprinkle powdered sugar on poop that doesn’t make it a donut. Why waste time and energy “fixing” a toxic situation when you can get rid of it and live a better life? Magick is supposed to make life easier not harder and more miserable.
These are just my thoughts, and I welcome the thoughts of others.


All of that :point_up:t5: is the reason why I stopped doing work on my youngest son’s father. He doesn’t care enough to do his part and all the magick in the world won’t make him. He’s a narc, and a very toxic person & it’s just a matter of time before all that toxic energy becomes his downfall. I no longer have to do anything to make it happen. My son is loved and accepted by my husband, along with our other children & that’s all I care about. Life is just too short to hold anyone’s hand and make them do what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place. Son’s father will realize that when it’s too late, and even if he doesn’t, it’s not my problem.


It’s always better to cut toxic people out of our lives. I’m glad your son has a father who loves him.