Thoughts about the underworld

Hey everyone, so I thought have any of you seen the underworld? Hell, if you will to call it. If you did, what did you see there?

Did you have a preference for which one?
Various religions and philosophies have different models. Hel, Duat, Tartarus, … I forget who but someone here is trying to find an obscure one called ‘the umbra’, nightside, the lower world in Shamanism… You can visit them all and they all look very different and have different goals.

I’ve been to a few lower worlds but for me it’s more about who you talk to, and they can come to you most of the time. My favourite is going down into the faery hills, with caves lit by glowing crystal in the walls and crowded caverns full of the fae celebrating with song and dance. I like to be more serious these days.

So I don’t call any of them ‘hell’ myself… I realise that term is pervasive in the West but it means almost nothing to me. Xtian concepts of hell and communist propaganda have that in common for me. :slight_smile:

I do personally think humans brainwashed into the JCI control structures go ahead and make their own private hells based on the expectations they have from thier belief systems in life. Humans are powerful creator beings that easily invent what they expect to see in the astral and call it whatever they think it should be. But it’s not super easy for folk to just go visiting dead loved ones private hells. I don’t feel they’re very stable to last long anyway - people get bored and have enough and so let themselves out, then that corner of the astral gets recycled into something else.
I think it’s a pity they waste energy like that considering the whole point was only to control their money, loyalty and behaviour while alive, but they get over it. That’s my take anyway.


Thanks for the answer, i can tell it came from the bottom of your heart. Appreciate it <3

yes, i’ve seen it. it’s big :slight_smile:
there are many realms there, some darker. not all of my dead relatives are in the same place.
all sort of creatures, not all with human form. some witches can be found, they are here, but summon there a lot. they know i’m alive too. i don’t like to network in the underworld.
it’s a lot to be said, but i’m not sure i should share this.