One time I was meditating upon this concept I had theorized. Wasn’t based on the penial gland or any google research. It was my own natural calling. I call it ThoughtLight.

It’s not longer a theory but something I practice now. For when I had meditated some time ago Anubis appeared before me and I felt his mind and observation upon me. He was interested in a procedure I was testing for the first time. Basically energy can be gathered in the brain and then raised out of the top of the head some inches. As I was meditating, just before I began my procedure Anubis warmed me not to lower the energy. So instead I raised it and that is when some seriously phenomenal stuff began to happen.

I’m not going to share everything but it eventually led to me coming in contact with a variety of alien races. From bugs, to greys, to demons, when I awoken the ThoughtLight within my brain all barriers of reality were removed for me. My thoughts could even modify space itself.

One day I was meditating outside and created something with my brain. It was invisible but I could hear it from over seven feet away and physically feel it when I came in contact with the field. It was about the size of a melon.

I’m convinced that all magickal tools and mediums are now obsolete for me. My body is the supremely divine tool. I need no other medium. I’m sure that will sound arrogant to some but if I don’t need anything but intention to perform phenomenal unbelievable wonders, neither do you… At least that’s what I personally assume. Perhaps we are not equal and fit with the same capability…

When I came in contact with the various alien races, it was like a formal thing. They would come before me and I would observe them and they me. There were no candles or robes, I was translocated to a magickal plane but for me there were no distinction between “real world” and spirit world. The distinction rested in the organ my body used to experience reality. Rather than corresponding to reality through my common organs and senses, I awoke dormant organs which usually don’t reach peak levels of operation. Those awoken organs subsequently awoken new senses within me bywhich I were able to experience a fuller reality.

Not just aliens either my thoughts were emensly empowered. I was able to understand my whole life and make peace with notions about the earth, dilemmas of human nature and such. The ThoughtLight empowered me to a fuller being. And most wonderous was that Anubis was there to witness my discovery.

I’ve shared this information to people before and those who were able to grasp their own ThoughtLight had profound experiences. I believe our brain is actually a series of brains. But we only use the most mininal and common utility of our brain. Nothing we do requires our brain to awaken any more than it does. But magick can awaken us. Thought for me philosophy is directly related to magick. Philosophy teaches to branch beyond simple forms of thought and rigid linear thinking. Rather philosophy teaches one to cultivate perspective itself. And I require new perspective to consider the phenomenal things I often experience.

Try to meditate and imagine a single point of energy near the center of your brain. Gtfo if you say penial gland… The energy starts NEAR the center but then two things begin to occur at the SAME time… That’s very important. A high pitch ringing or whistle sound is heard I mean extremely high pitch. Higher than the ringing created by lights and tvs also louder. You’ll also feel the point of energy physical move inside your brain and begin to raise very slowly. Once it’s over the top of your head you can’t even imagine how high pitch the sound is it’s crazy. And you will feel it too. If you know how to meditate correctly and you begin to awaken the ThoughtLight, it will be unmistakable. It’s obvious but also subtle. Obvious to those in the right meditative state. The energy rings and raises. You don’t even have to think about aliens, have no expectation only think of the ThoughtLight.

Just remember, there is a way to awaken our brain. I’ve done it, you can too. Afterwards all your current questions about yourself and reality will be answered. ThoughtLight is the ultimate magick. ThoughtLight is the power of all magick. Our species simply forgot how powerful our brains are. I’m here to help you remember and free you from devolutionary forms.


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So you visualize it essentially? What about those of us who tap into forces via emotions?

Thoughtlight is an entirely different energy than emotions. The idea is to realize that thought itself is light. So the idea then is to empower that light to empower our thoughts but as this occurs dormant areas of our brain wake up giving us access to entirely different arrays of sense.

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