Couldn’t I theoretically create a thought form to do just about anything as long as I feed the necessary energy into it? I want to make one that can sit with me in ritual to guard me from all and any imposter spirits🤔

I feel it would come in handy

What are your guy’s thoughts on this?:slightly_smiling_face:

You can create full on gods if the proper time and effort is put forth.

I mean I know a lot of thoughtforms are super powerful but damn I didn’t know that

If you have the time and energy, why not try it? You should create one and keep a journal of your experiences with it here, like every time you go into a ritual, keep track of whether or not you felt like the thought form helped you.

You can do this, but with well-constructed magick you don’t need to have any “guards” or the like. The only spirits that show up should be the ones you intend to summon. That’s what things like sigils and words of summoning are for.

You think even if I did make this thought form my future evocations should be successful?

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Most gods and demons that people evoke end up being thoughtforms to begin with. It is rare for people to contact the true original spirit though such considerations are not that important as long as one experiences success in their goals.

If I’m understanding you correctly, no you do not need this thoughtform for your evocations to work. I remember you sharing a sigil from one of Corwin Hargrove’s books. That author has good methods so if you use them the magick will work and you will connect with the appropriate spirit.

People really freak themselves out about imposter spirits. I’ve never had any problems with this.

There was this one time when a demon I had summoned pretended to be a different demon and tried to spook me. I banished it and that was that. That was the demon giving me an experience to relieve these sorts of concerns.

I don’t mean to discourage people from asking questions, but it kinda seems like you’ve been freaking yourself out a lot for no reason. Just do some magick and chill out my dude. Maybe do a ritual to help you chill. Not every ritual has to be earth-shatteringly sublime with exploding energies and all that stuff that happens sometimes.

No I mean I just want to make a thought form to prevent imposters from coming

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