Thought on evocation

Demons like offerings. Especially offerings that are filled with an energy of thanksgiving. It makes them manifest. Here’s a thought:

Summon the demon in the temple (not structuring a body for it, just as a sea of energy) and fill the coals and the incense with his energy, also mixed with an energy of thanksgiving. Wouldn’t that help the manifestation of the demon on the physical plane? I mean, the incense is filled with his energy, right? It would boost the manifestation considerably if you did that.

Also, another idea. Open the sigil of the demon and place it in the triangle. His energy would spill from the sigil right into the triangle, giving an extra boost for his manifestation and structuring.

When I make offerings to demons, I usually do that with cigarettes filled with their energy and extra energy of thanksgiving that comes from me. I can feel their happiness when blowing the smoke towards the sigil, I can feel the smoke as something sacred that spreads into the room. So the above is just a thought that came to me when doing this kind of offering.

What do you think?

My blood seems to amplify everything. Get a small insulin syringe tie off and draw out 1/2 to 1 cc. Simple and effective. What are you putting in the smokes if you don’t mind me asking?

Can you be a little more specific?

If I want to do an evocation using smoke as a medium, I consecrate the coals and the incense with the to-be-evoked-demon’s energy. I invoke it and direct it towards the coals and the incense.