Thought i might share this odd dream

hey guys.

i just thought i might pop in here and maybe ask clarity on a dream i has this morning just before i woke up.

so i was in the dream state and i saw a red and black book. what’s odd was that the book could speak i could hear it. it had was a black book with some red writing on it. it told me that i should write the following numbers down 41960 as my dream gotten vivid i could barely hear the book speak but i did make out that it said it’s something to do with samael but didn’t go into specifics.

so yeah i thought i might pop in here maybe you guys might some better insight on that or not. i’d appreciate it a lot.


Those numbers could be tarot correspondences. it has a 0, thus it is not using the Hebrew letters, but the numbers of the major arcana.

4= The Emperor
1= The Magician
9 = The Hermit
6 = The Lovers
0 = The Fools

There are three ways of writing that in Hebrew, and only one is an actual word, which seems to be a name

אזיבה = Aziba

doesn’t make much sense unless you like the Gundam series, but if you consider that Aleph is The Fool, one may want to change it for an Ayin

עזיבה = leaving, departure

Samael is a qlipha that has to with thinking. Red is a color of Geburah, the sephira of severity (sometimes translated as Power) and black is a color of Binah, the sephira of undersanding. I think that whatever talked to you is suggesting you that you should change your way of thinking, despite it may be difficult to you.

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thank for this. and can you tell me more about the gundam series?

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I only watched “Gundam Wing” and I don’t remember much, but when I google the name Aziba, I found that it was the name of a character of some Gundam saga

which I haven’t watched

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thank you. i got one last question for you. have you ever perhaps done an evocation while in the astral ? or a spirit coming to you while in the astral? reason why i’m asking is because i’d have them appear but can’t see them but feel and hear them and when ask who it is i’d just hear breathing in like a husk type of voice. and it’s very audible as in as if is in my ears. what can a person do in this case to get their actual name so i know who i’m working with.

I’ve never had such problem, thus I can’t help you

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no problem. thank you.

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