Since I had no luck yet with astral projection, I was thinking of summoning Thoth. I hear that he can help not only with astral senses and such, but also with great knowledge. It’s because of the work he left us that I know many things. I also know his background as human.

Can you give me tips and info on Thoth? Also, for the summoning I will use my self made circle and his sigil.


I like him, he’s usually very formal and I try to dress smartly when I go to his realm or summon him (not always possible but I try), he’s a great teacher and can walk you through realms that represent lessons you need and challenges you need to overcome.

What specifically do you need to feel confident about going into this work? :slight_smile:


I guess I need to know how to address him. I have only worked with king Paimon up until now. I also learned that there is no sigil, instead, I can use a picture of him, I guess any picture would be good. And of course, I’ll use my circle to draw some extra power.

Actually, it’s knowledge that I want. I know that he can teach me many secrets and knowledge from all realms. I’m a poet so I guess a nice poem or fresh flowers as an offering is a good idea I guess.


Generally if they dont have a sigil you can either make one or you can use one of their Symbols like i use an owl for athena

You can use an ibis for thoth ect ect

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Thoth to begin with, he told me to call him Dhjuty but I began with Thoth, he cam make his wishes clear later on.

Yes, his pictue on the wikipedia page should work, Egyptians loved standardised art and would probably have found this pleasing, later on you can maybe trace it or do your own version as an offering.

[quote] I’m a poet so I guess a nice poem or fresh flowers as an offering is a good idea I guess.

I think he’d love that, he’s also the god of writing, of scribes, so if you wrote it out nicely (or made it look awesome if you print it) that sounds like the kin d of thing he would very much appeciate! :slight_smile:


Thanks, this is very helpful! Also I wanted to know two more things. First of all, can he help me with my astral senses (plus astral projection etc.). And also, is he friendly to beginners? I mean I can’t call myself advanced.

Also, I know a way to summon him using his name as a word of power. I found it in his emerald tablets. But thanks for the tip with his name.

I would think held be friendly, I was a kid when i first “met” him so he probably cut me some slack but I;ve never heard anyone have a bad experience, he’s all about knowledge and wisdom seekers are pleasing to him.

And yes, he can help with astral senses.


That’s great then. I don’t think I have any other questions. Thanks lady Eva :blush:

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If you read the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean he clearly tells you how. I can’t just give you this knowledge you have to learn it yourself. Redirecting...

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I started my evocation of Thoth few days ago. I’ve read a lot about him but there seems to be less information about how to contact him. I started it doing it my own way. Lo and behold I’m feeling him gradually !!

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Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me a little about what ended up happening with thoth.

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i would really like to know more about all of this and how it works. i have tried meditation and thinks like that but none of which seem to work