Been doing some research and I’ve noticed a few on here seem to think Thoth and Metatron are masks of the same current, or the same being or whatever your gnosis prefers.

Aside from the obvious scribe connection, anyone got any other evidence to conflate the two? Anyone staunchly think they’re separate?

I haven’t heard this until now, but if you go through the Hermetic view and use Hermes Trismegistus as a link I can see how someone would come to that conclusion.

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Saw a few references linking two in old posts on the forum, but nothing extremely concrete. Thought it was worth looking into. Thanks for the heads up.

Personally, I don’t buy into the idea of “masks.” It always struck me as just a way for people to make their favourite spirits seem older or more special by trying to connect them to beings from older sources (which is funny, when you think about it; all spirits are timeless and there are a near infinite number of them available to us).

My experience with Metatron tells me no, they are not the same, but…UPG :man_shrugging:


Hiya OP! While they’re definitely of the same current, IME they’re more like brothers than twins; Metatron writes the future into manifestation just as Thoth writes the past out of it. They do have a merged form that combines their abilities simply called Thoth-Metatron, but even in one body they seem to have two heads. :slight_smile:


Just from the information I’ve read about thoth him being metatron certainly would make since. The only thing is has metatron lived any lives on our plan of existence?

I see you spoke of masks… how much understanding of them do you have? I ask only because of my own personal story.

Sorry, I don’t buy into the New Age concept of masks, as I stated above. The reasoning behind almost all of what people try to connect is spurious at best, or made up at worst.

There is practically an infinite number of spirits available in this multiverse we inhabit, and it is downright silly to assume that two spirits are really one spirit in a Halloween costume just because they share certain traits or jobs.

I think it is very important to remember that all the various pantheons of gods and goddesses are basically the archetypes of human psychology writ large, and that is why they all include wealth deities, death deities, underworld deities, storm deities, house deities, agricultural deities, creator deities, etc. These are all the common experiences of human life and society, because humans are basically the same the world over.


Would you mind going to the general discussions and read the post I have made? I’m asking about masks not of the gods but of us. I titled it masks.

They’re not, it’s just some weird fetish people have for making unrelated beings to be masks of each other.

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