Thoth Deck Question


Might anyone know why the Thoth Deck I purchased would have Three different Magus cards…each has a different picture and symbols although they all say Magus and have the I at the top. I cannot find in the booklet anything about two extra ones or even the book of Thoth by Crowley in his commentary…I am at a loss for this reason behind these extra cards…Anyone have an answer?

Is it one for each different personality I have?


Dearest Uncle Fester…I am not sure on how accurate this is, but…This link may lead you in the direction towards securing a more in depth reference
On the other hand, the personality reference is quite feasible :wink:



course…many thanks


Anything for Maxx…Uncle Fester…Or whatever monkier he goes by these days…he’s the greatest :slight_smile:


Ha…I will have to invite you over to the clubhouse for brew and kettle stew for that…thanks

Uncle Fester


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Interesting reading.
I find that I interchange depending on how I feel.
Also my version of the deck is lacking the unicursal hexagram


lol - I have the same deck :smiley: you’re normal, it’s all good.
oh - also - every now and then I get prompted to throw the other magus cards in there, and it turns out to actually work with the reading quite well.
I love em though. I actually like the one magus card better than the traditional version.


That’s normal. The Thoth deck is supposed to come with three different Magus cards - alternate art from the publisher. It’s like a “special bonus”, basically. Unless you’re a weirdo (I’m looking at you DK), you just pick the one you want in the shuffle, and set the other two aside. :slight_smile:

I bought a used Thoth deck and was bummed that the two alternates had been left out. :frowning:


yeah - I actually have two thoth decks - the one has the unicursal hexagram but without the other two magus cards, whereas the other one has the three magus cards but no unicursal hexagram. shrugs