Those who doubt or cant seem to get there foot through theta come here

I’ve been trying to make my ambitions come through with sigil scrying for about a year it took me that long. But I’m not getting paid to say this I’m not associated with become a living God if the dream if you’re weakness is so great you need this…just go for it don’t say you’re going to mediate and then don’t once you feel it once it gets very interesting. So don’t give up this is the right path.

Cool - a year’s a lot more hard work than some people are willing to put in, it’s great you’re getting results! :slight_smile:

Meditation is a discipline I am recommitting to myself. It stills and centers you so these things seem much more simple than the complex ways we perceive them to be. It allows for better clarity of mind throughout the day for me, my thoughts and what I call “background noise” in my head are silenced which grants much better focus and self awareness. Meditation is basic bit it is the core and root from which you build your work upon because it is where you find your true self behind all of the ilussory masks and ideas. Vonpratt, at least you can say youre trying and seeing some fruits of your work. Most want a pop-a-pill mystical solve all ritual or initiation to acheive things overnight that take time and dedication and it doesnt work that way. I myself am even fearful of journeying deeper with certain things until I am genuinely ready for them. Then too there are some things you can never be ready for, you just have to experience them. I commend you for your self discipline. I know thats ine feeling I love when you start to see results. Sigil scrying never worked until I used ine specific entity and then the the sigil literally looked like it was floating, and I couldnt dismiss it as an optical illusion because I looked away and back and it was still hovering there shining.

Open yourself to the Night

it doesn’t have to take you a year to get contact.

you can get past theta/gamma using the ganzfield effect, a mask over your eyes, earphones playing a white noise generator, and time lying still with your hands not touching anything. a homemade sensory deprivation tank.

this guide shows you how. use it to train your trances a lot quicker than a year.

add in your enn conjurations or balg conjurations of power, and you’re off and running.

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