Those crazy dreams of mine

Hello friends,

I suffer from nightmares or dreams that make me feel bad the time I wake up for ages, ever since I was a kid.

Last night, after very important for me works and evokations I had this dream that made me feel in a bad mood when I woke up. The entity that I currently work with told me that those dreams are an effect of the resistence of my victim. But could anyone desypher it for me🙏

First I was in a basement furnished for living. One of the rooms there turned out to be rented by me and an old school friend (current victim of one of my baneful works since he sold our 30 years friendship for petty cash). The reason why I was there was an explosion in the neighbour yard caused by hooligans who wanted to distract somebody walking the street with the explosion and steal her handbag. This explosion had broken the window of my room in the basement and I was there to inspect the damages. While doing thay some unknown to me woman entered the room and I showed her picktures on the wall. Mine and my classmate’s. Both of the pictures were attached to 2 different icons of mother Mary. And I was telling this stranger “Look how young and beautiful we were, me and my school mate the time we rented this room”. Then all of a sudden my current partner came in. And I started to explain him that this is my old place. He wanted us to keep it although we were alredy living accross the street in a fancy appartment. I was reluctant. Told him that we don’t need it, that there were hooligans doing shit around and I insisted us to take with us only the furniture including a new looking washing mashine and leave. Then came an old lady who presented herself as the landlord. She said that there was absolutely no problem that I hadn’t paid the rent and hadn’t shown up for 5 years, my room was intact and was waiting for me😳 And my partner was like See, there’s no problem for us to use it again, although we live accross the street…

Then I found myself into something like mountain resort with small woodeen cottages in the forest. I was on a vacation with my deceased mom and my alive brother. I haven’t seen them in my dream. I only knew we’re on vacation together. While walking around the forest I started receiving texts from my ex ( another target of my current baneful works) who wanted to see me. I took a path around the small cottages with the idea … that he’s coming to see me and I don’t have any present for him… so I was looking for something to steal from the wooden houses besides the forest path :flushed: People were coming out of those houses so I couldn’t steal anything.

Finally I reached to a hotel same style as the cottages around, went inside with the idea to steal something but the hotel owner - an young girl was there and asked me to walk her dog :flushed: I took the dog by the lace and started walking it around. The dog made a poop infront some restaurant and without cleaning it we went on and get on some bus full of people. On the bus O saw the hotel owner. Shte told me Thank you so much for walking my dog. Here’s a present for you to express my gratitude. And she gave me a wooden box with a beautiful orange porcelain cup inside. I was thinking to myself Oh, great, I couldn’t steal anything but here’s a present for my ex who’s coming to see me later. Under the cup there was a wishing card addressed to somebody else and I was thinking to myself Well, somebody gave her this present, she didn’t like it and gives it to me. But it’s ok. It’s perfect for my ex…

And there was this awful smell all over the bus. The dog’s owner asked me Hey, why my dog smells so bad, did he poop while you were walking it?

I just had a look at my watch. It was 10:20 a.m. I was thinking to myself I’d better go and prepare myself because my ex is coming 11:00.

Thanks for reading this long post. Anyone has any idea what this strange and crazy dream might mean?