Those Blank Blank Blank Mentioned

That’s the “gist” of the euphemistic “name” they were introduced to me by. Not only have I Blanked the middle bits, I’ve changed the words on either side. I would not try to guess it if I were you.

I was told that they were present and were watching/aware of me. Present as in “generally hanging around.” What I saw was a black, two dimensional floating pane (floating in three-dimensional reality, that is) with a certain number of pairs of eyes. I had the impression that this was a very common representation of them. The image opened up and sort of bore down on me. I also saw them as single eyes. Oppressive. Sinister. Way off the mark, but the best words I have.

The next day, in my car (parked), for some reason I experimentally said the “name” out loud. The instant I said it it was like a bomb - there were rappings inside and outside of my car and an INTENSE presence that I had to shut down immediately - I actually can’t remember it very well - the gist of what happened, I remember my emotional reaction more than anything.

I was just wondering if anybody had any familiarity with this.

Errrr … that’s not fair. It’s infuriating in fact. Now I’m going to have to use divination to find what you’re dangling in front of our noses like a carrot on a stick.

Only once when I summoned something to visible manifestation without cleansing an outdoor ritual space. Lots of rapping, tapping, and commotion during that manifestation, lots of spirits flying around, making noises, swirling the wind powerfully on an otherwise calm night.

Things really started getting weird as soon as I started chanting incantations in languages long dead. It all ended once the entity (named blank) assumed shape and looked into my eyes.

I summoned the entity from the infamous grimore of BLANK!!!

And I did so without casting a circle GASP!!!

The result of the evocation was a more powerful influence on my brain and body than any drug I had ever taken. It was more profound than dropping 8 tabs of LSD. That day I learned that this spirit has the ability to initiate the sorcerer into a state of BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK, even though this is not written about it.

I would tell you more, but you’re not initiated. However, if you can divine the details, you are initiated, and don’t need to be told anyway. Welcome to the secret order that doesn’t exist.

This is the grand occult paradox of our time.

I didn’t want to post anything that might endanger someone stupid, which is why I deliberately wrote it so that anybody who was actually interested and wasn’t a tedious mongoloid would only have to think for one eighteenth of a second to guess how many eyes there were and what the name obviously was. More importantly, I wanted information.

We used to have people who knew about things like this around here. Once upon a time, I could post something like this and some helpful person would PM me with helpful information. Ah, well…

Apples blank blank blank blank blank blank blank oranges. What I’m saying is obvious. I changed the first and last word in addition to adding the blanks. You’re a mongoloid if you can’t figure it out.

You guys better get me a bib a spork and a fruit cup because I’m fucking lost.

Nine eyes or pairs of eyes in a black rectangular void. They cannot be named. They have no name.

I channeled them this morning and they said that they are a benevolent race who hope to serve mankind and that they will provide fame, riches, and power beyond measure to anyone who calls on them in earnest, asks them into their hearts and minds, and invites them to work in their lives. They seem like really nice guys and I wouldn’t wait a single day to call on them if I were you, because they have so much they can teach you.