Thor's hammer

This is a ritual i created a while ago to create a magickal tool that is much like Thor’s hammer. Enjoy and have fun and be safe.

Materials needed;
Sharp knife or razor
Blue candles
Short handled sledgehammer
Wood burning tool
Sand paper

Crafting the tool;
Obtain a common short handled sledgehammer.

An ash wood handle is preferable but ita not necessary, as an oak or hickory wood handle is more common.

Remove all stickers (if any) from the sledgehammer.
Then sand down the handle to remove any printings, markings or wood varnish.
Now drain the sledgehammer of all its energy. Then in the day light let it charge up with the suns energy. In the night time let the moon charge the sledgehammer with its energy.
Now you will need to carve (burn) Thor’s hammer symbol on one side of the sledgehammer.

The ritual;
Set up your ritual space wherever is moat comfortable to you.
Place the hammer in front of you and say, “Talash bal ve tal. I call upon the powers of Thor to be here with me.”
Now you will need to bless your blood; to do this imagine your entire blood flowing as a combined energy throughout your body, and then as you imagine that say, “Bliss to veh da be. Powers of thine blood you are made holy.”
Now call on the Yggdrasil tree, imagining the roots of the tree becoming part of the hammer.
Now call upon the realm of the dwarves, known to most as Svartalfheim. Next summon forth Brokkr and Sindri; imagine them touching the hammer head and have them melt the hammer head into a red hot form; making the hammer head forged by the dwarves.
Next take the razor and cut your left index finger; allow enough blood to coat the entire handle of the hammer and make sure some of your blood is on the hammer head.
Now summon forth Thor, Loki and Odin; have each of them including yourself send a ton of blue electrical energy into the entire hammer. After this is done seal it by saying, “Volakal tal be kay. Seal the powers of these Gods into this hammer.”
Now you will have let Loki and Odin leave and juat have Thor with you.
Have Thor activate the hammer’s power by imagining him touch it and feeling him giving the hammer life.

That’s the ritual but here is how you should use it or at least how i found the best way to use it is;

Left side of hammer head sends energy out. Right aide of hammer head controls energy. The top of the hammer head sucks energy into it. (Left and right are denoted when seen from the side of the hammer with Thor’s symbol on the handle).


Nice use of accessible tools! :+1:

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Thank you.
Inspired by Thor’s hammer. But the tool is really amazing to have when you finish making it.