did some quick research. azazel is shammash aka utu and is the brother of ishtar.

azazel is a son of perdition (son of sin, meaning a son of the god nanna). he is related to astaroth, so i recognize him.

if you want to work with me then come find me. i have azazel’s seal and astaroth’s as well.

i’m sidestepping the fee deal. if it’s meant to be money will not be a problem.

i’ve been at this thing too long to need an intermediary. again if it’s meant to be, shammash will come directly to me and if that can’t happen, he’ll send a messenger somehow.

i’ll put down trends later today.

Azazel is a slightly more modern mask of Zazel. He’s a bit closer to us and better at communicating in words, and more personable, while Zazel is more the pure form of the energy… more immense, with a stronger focus on giving out secrets. Azazel gives excellent service and advice, Zazel has no limitations and will teach you anything you want to know. You need better skill to communicate with him, though, because purer channels are “further away.”

My advice to you would be to meet and pact with Arathron first and then move down, as Arathron will place the entire Kingdom of Saturn at your command and not just its demonic aspect. Saturn is one of the most beneficial, positive, and healing planets you can utilize and you really don’t want to sell yourself short by only concentrating on the “dark” side.

Do NOT neglect Agiel. He is a First Class Ass-Kicker.


Is Azazel’s seal the sigil of Saturn or something different?

This is from a crappy public domain version of The Magus (cribbed from Agrippa) so the names are omitted. But the “Intelligence” of Saturn is Agiel and the “Spirit” is Zazel.

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Ok, Sultitan, thank you for the page. I need to get Agrippa’s book. So make a pact with Arathron then go for the info Saturn has to offer. I am very interested in planetary magick.