This was a first for me

Yesterday, instead of doing my normal dream work I decided to go off and explore the houses in my new neighborhood. Everything worked out as it usually does. I focused on anchoring myself to an object in my room and began to dream about it. As the initial ringing in my ears grew louder and louder and became more and more distorted I pulled myself out of my body and etheric projected.

So I began exploring my neighbor’s houses. The second house I entered I walked into the living room to find the couple having sex. LOL… Being me I checked out the action and some time went by when I somehow got sucked back into my body.

I woke up and woke my wife up to tell her about the experience. We sat in bed and had a very serious conversation about what I saw. I felt everything as if it was real until I began levitating in my room. I realized that I was still asleep. I had a dream within a dream which was pretty strange for me since I’ve never experienced this in way that I didn’t know I was dreaming and I was completely aware of the dream that I had within the dream. This was a wtf moment for me because etheric projection has been more straight forward then this.

That’s good, I like that a lot.

I recently came up with a speedy WILD method that begins by visualizing an object. I used a pyramid because it’s the simplest shape you can imagine, but it had the side effect of creating a desert scenario around it.

I want to make a collection of focal points that create specific dream locations. Focusing on an item in your room creates a dream of your room around it in the same way focusing on my pyramid created a dream of a desert around it.

The technique is detailed here

I’m going to have to try out the technique that you pointed out in your post. It sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to see what kind of results I’ll get with it.

I’m working on improving my travels with this method. The anchoring technique with a familiar object in my room works wonders but I’m still temporarily blind until I get far enough a way from my body. At times being blind can be a pain in the ass for me but I usually find a way to get far enough away from my body in order to see.

The other thing I want to work out is movement. I can move fine from place to place using my mind but the process is still feels tough because It feels like I have to literally claw my way to get to wherever I’m going in 0 gravity.

I’m uncertain about this but it seems like the more time I spend clawing or doing activities on this plain that cause energy loss the sooner I get sucked back into my body.

The interesting thing though is if you go on this plain with the soul purpose of vamping out on everybody you come across, I’ve found that I’ve sustained my form without being sucked back into my body for a pretty decent amount of time. This has kept me from returning to my body and having to project again.

The other thing I find really interesting about this is that it has aspects of what a lucid dream would be because I’m able to will things into existence on this plain but if I come across someone going about their daily routine and I tell them about it they become pretty freaked out by my knowledge of this because I was able to see them do something that I wouldn’t have any prior knowledge of.

This kind of stuff makes me feel crazy but validation helps me through it.

I think once you get the hang of using momentum, that will solve your movement issues.