This thing in my home time

So at the beginning of the Summer, I tried getting involved with this coven in my hometown. I tried contacting them over and over again, but no answer. So I gave up. Then yesterday I received a call from the head of this group. She said she didn’t know but her phone wasn’t working and she can fit me in during September. She asked me where I was, and because I prefer to be honest (to a fault I’ll admit), I told her about the whole LHP. She said she can still teach me, but DAMN she was preachy. 30 minutes of her talking and talking and talking. I couldn’t say a word at all. It was her just talking about how darkness is “EVIIL”! Like I haven’t heard that before.

If there’s one thing I’ve gotten from this site, its that what you believe you’ll experience from an entity is what you’ll receive. A demon would certainly attack someone who’d believe it would attack them. However that same demon will act more benign towards someone who believes it will. She stated that Dark Magick comes at a price. Well I’ve felt the same to the lighter side. That price is religious devotion to someone or something.

So far, I can’t stand her, but I knew this going in. Taking classes in my home town is an opportunity I have to take. So I guess I should do the hardest thing I can. Swallow my pride, walk in, and keep my lhp stuff secret. I don’t intend on joining her coven, just getting what I need and leaving.


Just consider it an Insight Role.

Excellent perspective. It’s always good to learn, regardless of the source.

Personally, honesty to the greater world out there is a flaw. We need to wear a mask to maximize our efficiency with society, and at least we can create and control that mask. Think Machiavelli.

I applaud you.

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It’s difficult to keep my mouth shut about this sort of thing. I feel like if I keep it a secret, I’m falling back on some personal ethical principal.

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I think it was noble of you to tell her, since she could have refused to teach you and you chose to let her have that choice.

However, there’s a difference between keeping a secret, lying by omission, and just refraining from pushing your opinions onto someone who wouldn’t care to hear them anyway.

Also, did you really think she needed to know, or was it more of an ego thing that you wanted to explain because you wanted her to see you in a certain way? If it was the latter you could do well to work on that - it’s a weakness that could bring you unnecessary hassle.

My take is, if she wouldn’t have asked, there was no need to explain and no need to introduce the friction.

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