This symbol keeps popping in my visions, meditations and even at the physical world


Ok so guys…
I first saw this symbol during a powerful ritual with the infernal empire and the qlippoth
As i looked on the idol the symbol manifested before me and i saw it, the ritual was an alchemical transforming one.

Another enquanter with this was many meditations with the infernal dragon, was again with the Intent of self transformation and infernal alchemy.

When i was walking today torwards my lessons i Randomly looked down and i saw infront of my feet the symbol in wood, it was probably a root from a tree. Anyways it looked a lot like the symbol that i see a lot.

What are your thoughts?

(image uploaded side ways)

Aslo what do you feel from it?



This is 11th letter in greek alphabet called Lambda


Hmm just looking at it and asking what do I sense?

I sensed a stirring of sexual energy

As a rune master looking at this not being familiar with your system

I see the runes kennaz and laguz and isa (because it’s impossible not to see isa everywhere it’s a straight line)

But if I was going to interpret this based on my understanding of runes

It would be a frozen lake of fire


A cross roads


Earth water fire ice associations

This is just my own intuition talking

Again I know nothing about the system you are using


That’s cool!


Thank you for the reading!


Oh you are so welcome! Hopefully it was helpful


Yep i know that, i am cypriot.


If i remember correctly in my meditation the infernal dragon ak’anak
Said that i will go in the gap between the words that separate them and through whole existence in my vision i saw the abyss and the lake of fire. Then i saw Randomly the symbol.


Didnt know that man,sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats ok man, aslo dont be sorry :wink:, you used what you had found.


Hmm sounds like the symbol is to help you connect and access the energies of the abyss/lake of fire then

Cool! Work with it and see what happens

I wonder what sort of applications it could have?

But I suppose the more readings you get off of it the more you will know what it would be easy to apply it towards

Off the top of my head you may be able to apply it to gain new insights and knowledge and access sexual energy as well

Hmm perhaps even destroy blockages or within baneful magick?

I only think that because when I think of the abyss I instantly think of Abaddon therefore the sigil could lend itself to work well with him and the things he stands for

Especially true of the dragon you are working with

What talents does he have? What does he rule over? Your sigil would most likely work for it


Funny thing the Last time when i saw it on my mind i was talking to abaddon.

Aslo [quote=“SpaceStranger, post:11, topic:66690”]
Hmm sounds like the symbol is to help you connect and access the energies of the abyss/lake of fire then
Seems to be True

Thank you for your time awnsering me and helping me :smile:!


Heres even the wood, Its actually a branch in the same shape as the symbol. And even that piece of wood is burned


That’s all really fascinating! Thanks for sharing the picture definetly a draw in to that

You are welcome Glad I could help


Are you familiar with the concept of a fetch?
A fetch can also be a symbol, shape or particular colour. A fetch does not have to be an animal or bipedal form which is what many people assume.