This spread meaning?

Last night I had my first contact with King Belial, I charged his sigil and put my blood on it. Today I asked him to help me do a past/present/future spread form to guide me on my way.
Past - Ten of pentacles
Present - the Hierophant reversed
Future - Knight of cups reversed.

Can anyone help me with That Knight of Cups and it’s meaning?

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May I know what are your interps so far of the Past and Present positions for further context? Without additional info though, I would read the Knight of Cups RX as meaning that in the future, you will be lessening the daydreaming and rose-colored glasses point of view, whether it be about the reason for this working or just life and people in general. Less fluff, less of the soft and mushy filter on things and dealing with it all more head-on (the KnOC upright could be shy and hesitant usually). Maybe more of a grounded and logical approach in expressing and handling emotions/working on your magickal path (I’m getting mostly psychic skills because cups = water).

The reversal could also simply mean an improvement in the way you offer or give things of emotional/spiritual value: maybe you’ll learn how to give or lend a helping hand with boundaries, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve most of the time. You may also learn how to protect yourself emotionally and offer that cup in the usual KnOC imagery to YOURSELF first, instead of seeking for anyone or anything else to give it to externally.

I still think your first interps upon seeing the cards are the most correct though, so take all of these with truckloads of salt and go with your gut.


Someone sneaky and ambitious is on your horizon.

I see the ten of pentacles as a solid foundation for my practice, since recently I usually did readings and spells for people, because I can interpret the reading better if I’m not involved in the situation, I’m more objective. As for spells I can detach easily if I’m doing a hex/love spell/money spell for someone else

For the Hierophant reversed I see the card as a beginning in my journey to start doing spells for me and reading for me. I find them really hard because even though I’m feel a sort of detachment I still sometimes day dream about the result and I find that this is really holding me back from my full potential.
I’m just trying to find a way to became more grounded

haha, every 3 months a new sneaky person is appearing in my life

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It means vague questions get vague answers. Tarot has a very humorous spirit. There’s a wide range of meanings for that card reversed (look up the negative traits of astrological water signs and it is any of the above). You might be more interested in 3 month or 12 month overview spreads.

I think the way you interpret the cards is very importand because you chose them and they were pulled for your interpretation.

To ME this spread means, that you didn’t use your feelings in the past the way you could have used them, maybe also your intuition. You were succesful in what you did but you missed a part of it by not seeing something hidden. You found your way by now, even if it’s not the “usual” or “traditional” way - but you know what you are doing and you will be able to go that way. In the future, you could get into a conflict between your intuition, your feelings, something deep inside you - and your responsibility for something.
Maybe you will learn more about the “hidden things” and you will have to make descisions.