This occurred after a working with Belial

About two months ago, I did an outdoor working with Belial. In short, I petitioned him to get rid of a pest in my life that brings nothing but toxicity and irritation. I did this at a relatives who has a spacious backyard and fenced in area. Two weeks ago, there was a storm that knocked over a tree…rather, tore it completely in half horizontally. It just so happens that this tree was the same one I did the ritual in front of and disposed of my offerings under…and fell in the exact same spot I gifted Old B his dark rum. I wouldn’t consider myself adept at ritual at all. Just someone starting out that has a desperate need and persistent determination to weed out a considerably bad person. Mere coincidence or should I be smart enough to consider this a sign of more things/results to come from him? Also, from those more experienced with Belial, should I follow up with him with another ritual or allow things to play out, albeit slowly?


This sounds like a sign to me

You can either wait, or call him and talk to him

Props for writing down your result. Belial definitely enjoys being worked with in the outdoors.
What you experienced is a sign. I would kindly suggest that “mere coincidence” doesn’t exist, in the event that you do a ritual. Spirits speak to us through coincidence and synchronicity. As somebody who has worked with Belial, I imagine that if evoked and asked “Was the tree breaking you, or just coincidence” He would possibly just stare at you, and gesture that it should be obvious. I mean, how often do trees tear horizontally around you? Lol.
I’d say everything is in good to go and no further action is required. If you experience a significant change, it may be worth evoking Belial and having a chat. Otherwise, you are good to go! Nice write up.