This moon got me so fucked up yall

All the chaos is coming together but holy fuck
So many choices before I had no choices
Now I can’t make up my mind and everything is going crazy
But damn it feels good to see my work paying off
Sorry I’m just rambling but I need to
Idk what’s gonna happen but I’m just happy to be expirencing everything right now.


Glad to hear it congrats!


I feel way more peaceful , maybe that means I’m at a default level of crazy :joy:

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I was doing a love ritual for this moon
And then last minute before full moon I gave up my desire
Then lots of other options came into play
But now the original desire is coming back and manifesting…
It’s crazy shit idk what to do


@John_Wick yes I’ve felt way more calm the last week or so too. I think the world is just matching my crazy…


i feel somewhat calmer too. not all the way … not zen level but not feeling fidgety.
one more thing ive figured out is that i cannot get drunk in a full moon period specially supermoon. the energy is so wild i end doing stupid stuffs . seriously stupid stuffs

but i still havent learned how to harness these energies to good use and practice …thats a bummer.

i actually finished a 11 day long ritual exactly on the full moon.