This is the story of Elouise, my familar. Please share your stories too!

This is Elouise!!
She’s my familar and friend, and has been with me through multiple lifetimes.
I found her at a second hand store, many years ago way before I started my craft. Anytime I was ever sad, I could cuddle it and I felt better. One day, about three or four months into my craft, a friend of mine who was practiced (who had been working with Azazel since he was 11/12) brought it to my attention something was off about the stuffed animal. I agreed that we could do some ritual work to figure it out.
For a long time she was just this dark and mysterious thing that never spoke and when you tried to interrogate her, a dark aura would buckle up and you could feel the stare deep in your soul. The friend group I was surrounded by at the time was spiritually adept, and slowly she begun to come out to me and a few of my friends about who and what she was.
She told us her name was “Shannon” and the aura around her gradually (and eventually completely) became very Innocent and soft. She protrayed herself as a little girl, and so we treated her as such. “Shannon” told us, she preferred to stay dead because she always ends up dying when she’s young…I definitely believe this spirit has had troubling lives. We nutured her emotional needs as good as we could and within the next couple of weeks, she came out to us about her father and the abuse she’s been through.
I started bringing her out to the living room to mingle with everyone, and taking her on car rides etc. It was, looking back on it, a beautiful few months in my path where I grew and learned a lot…

This pattern continued for a while, eventually we had all forgotten about until one night I was evoking Lucfier to connect me with my familar.
Lucfier came in, so bright even with my eyes closed it hurt.
Then… I felt another presence behind me. “Shannon” was glowing exceptionally bright as well, as I sat in a room completely dark yet full of light. It was in the ritual that I found out she was my familar and partner. Overtime she revealed more information about herself, she stated she was actually a chaotic vampire child and her true name was “Elouise”


Turns out, this colorful stuffed dog I’ve had for years was actually my demon familar in disguise 🤷🤷🤷


I can feel an strong and heavy energy just looking at it and tbh its feels dark as hell …no offense but I’m kinda frecked by its energy

Now that i look at it again its not as bad