This is my re-introduction

Hello, all. I’m actually a returning user. My old name was SapphireWitch666. Well, as I don’t use the name Sapphire in real life anymore, and I couldn’t change my username, I decided to start fresh. That’s a good way of summing up my practice, really.

Although I’m still loyal to Lucifer and his demons, I’ve become a lot more pagan. I’m a total plant freak (in fact, the new name I’m using is Yarrow). I forage outside for edible plants, I have a massive garden, and have been making herbal remedies. This all originated from winning a Tumblr giveaway where someone would make a pact with a demon for any intention, and I chose learning more about plants with Foras.

Speaking of Tumblr, yes, I tried going back there, but its occult community is pretty dead. I’m on Instagram now, too, but again, I’m more “plants and good vibes.” So for the dark side of things, I look forward to interacting more on here.

If anyone has any know-how about nature spirits, taking advantage of liminal spaces, or any specific forms of folk magic (e.g. Appalachin, Ozark, Pow-wow) please hit me up.

It’s great to be back.


Welcome back. A fresh start can be a great thing :slight_smile:

@Lady_Eva You may need to delete the old account?

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Welcome back to the forum :wave:t5::slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll close posting from this, but you’ll still be able to access your old account’s messages, @greenwitchenby. :+1:

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Welcome back :blush: