This is my new program of training

I have just created a very good program for me based on the advices of others teachers and brothers in this forum.I know that many other beginners are just like me,so I hope that this training program will help will notice that the program is like a teacher giving you his personal advices and reviews😂:

Never relate your experiences or expectations of some course by other people experiences .

So many people think that if something seems too easy, that it will not work. So not true. Some of the easiest spells I have done produced results just as quick and powerful as some of the more complicated rituals I have done. I don’t believe Eric is full of shit like so many are claiming, I truly believe that he has just removed all of the extra un-needed BS in between so you can get right to the point and dive in. But this is what they want you to believe, other authors, that it will not work so you will spend extra money buying their unnecessary books. I completed the mastering soul travel course and I bought it when it first came out. It’s a great course that’s full of helpful information. Eric will teach you how to get wherever you want to go if that’s what you’re asking. It just takes a lot of practice and you have to stick with it if you know what I mean.

Follow your instincts and learn the basics first. Dont burn your fingers trying to go straight to the top. I know it’s boring but it’s also necessary. You are young man so please, don’t be so negative towards yourself. Life gives enough “stick” instead of “carrot” anyway. You will learn the necessary steps with time so you can do what you want and choose your own order and path​:relaxed:. No worries. Just keep working and your skills eventually will grow. Sometimes it’s good to listen more experienced dudes in the forum. :+1::v:

begin by practicing the first four flames of OAA .and then starting practicing mastering soul travel course . It is a pathworking with combined and arranged exercises from his other books designed to function as a curriculum toward initiation. This would include everything from beginning meditation on focus and sensation, to scrying and divination, to evocation and Soul Travel. . . and then some other much more advanced things to be learned by spiritual Masters through soul travel Just get the OAA ebook along with Questing After Visions to get started on astral awareness and chakras exercises,and then use MST course .

After you grow up spiritually and have your own way of living,start practicing mastering divination course first,and after it use mastering evocation course and buy the universal circle(optional) .start reading E.A koetting grimoires for advanced wisdom and practices

If you mastered all the 3GP ,you could begin practicing black magick training course and get all necessary tools( You should not begin black magick training course until you practice mastering evocation,divination,and soul travel courses. It’s very well produced and interesting to watch, full of various different forms of black magick and a spell/ritual for almost each video, but without other knowledge you could just be stuck with what is given in the course .)or any other pathworking course

you can change whatever you want in this program.It is not is just the sum up of what I learned of other teachers in this great forum