This is for anyone who may want to vent

I don’t want any judgement on this topic the is for anyone that is angry or upset and needs to get it out.

Doesn’t matter what is said or why. No need to apologize or feel bad.

Just say what you need to dump whatever negativity is bothering you.


Well, I really don’t what to be that guy, But…

Seems like there IS judgement already, so before anyone posts here please read the rules of this forum and keep what’s said within the parameters of them, m’kay. :smiley:


Yeah sorry, I see this being a bit of a temptation for people to mis-step, best thing is open a Word/Open Office document and place it all in there, then delete it once done, maybe keep it a few days and read it through, enjoy the burn. :smiling_imp:

This is great as well: