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So basically i invoked Azazel into my body. At first i felt great. Such a rush of physical and cosmic power at my disposal. We are like bound to eachother (much like that game Beyond: Two Souls). I am feeling his presence wherever i am, and at times when i try to evoke him his energy surrounds me instantly when i call him. I can hear him whispering in my ear sometimes and he gives me boost to my magick. Just like yesterday while i was in history class the teacher was being a bully like she always is, she threatened me, i learnd to not give a damn but i felt anger against her and when i came back to school the next day my classmates told me she was greatly ill. I started to doubt coincidences in my life. As times go by his energy starts to feel stronger when every day passed. like he feeds from me. And thats makes me feel kinda physically bad( not ill just fell discomfort).
Can i somehow tame him or just tell him to loose his grip on me. Idk i was thinking of a offering of hair and wine.


Wow am doing my first today too

Haven’t invoked Azazel as of yet, but as I’ve probably said too many times, you can firmly yet respectfully ask them to back off a little, tell him it’s overwhelming to you, and not that you’re rejecting his assistance. It’s not like they don’t know, they do. It’s just you have to be strong enough to set your own limits with them. Knowing your own limits and setting them for yourself is a major step up, remember self control #1, that you can absolutely do. Be firm, consistent, and respectfully tell them what they’re doing is a bit too much, and please lessen the draw off of you until you’re stronger. Understand that they want this from us. They will test you, sometimes, and see how much you’re willing to take/can handle. They want us to be strong, so ask him to give you a chance to regain your strength after what I suggested above, and also to empower you.

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He really did tested me. And I stayed strong. I stay loyal to him, almost every night I light some frankincense for him. I hope he sees my devotion to him


He does, he watches everything.

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When my husband invoked Azazel he noticed he was a lot more aggressive and how he processed things and felt about people was different. My husband was also more blunt during this and told me bunch of things that I was supposed to be doing and other stuff.