This is a question for the ladies

So, this is more of a question on sexuality than magick, but it will get to magick eventually.

Let’s say you find out someone has an interest in you. I’m not talking romantic interest. Just attraction. But for you, the feeling isn’t mutual. How do you consider it? I’m not saying that person does anything creepy or intrusive.

Furthermore, on to magick. For those who’ve worked with female deities and spirits, especially those like Aphrodite, Freyja, Oshun, or Lilith who deal with beauty and sexuality, what’s their take on the subject of sexual objectification? If someone were to work with one, but end up developing some level of attraction, how do they feel about that?

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The person isn’t creepy or intrusive, and they’re not romantically interested in me? So they just want to be friends? But I don’t like them, even as a friend?

Honestly, I’d be nice to them. Maybe I’d change my mind about them if I got to know them. Even people who annoy me at first eventually grow on me.


Well if i don’t have any attraction to any person who potentially has one ( and communicates it in some way to me) , then I politely let them know of my disinterest. If they’re not being creepy then there is no need to be harsh/ghost/or anything else. Plain and simple.

I haven’t asked any of those deities what their viewpoints on objectification is, so I don’t know.


Simple. I just wouldn’t pursue that relationship. Pretending to be mutually attracted to someone is just dishonest and can end up doing more damage to both parties than good.


Am a bit confused by this. If someone is attracted to me I can generally pick up on it, but if I feel no intent from them to act on it and I am not attracted to them in return, I don’t give it any consideration.

If I sense they are romantically interested and might try something, and I am not romantically interested in them, I try and politely, discreetly discourage them in a roundabout way.

Do you mean if you’re a lady who develops an attraction to a goddess/female entity? Or something else?