This is a interesting method for the greater key of solomon.. Has anyone tried it or done something similar

This seems like a interesting method to working with the greater key of solomon has anyone tried this method or done something similar.

(2) Kabbalistic Candle Magic using the Key of Solomon - YouTube


I’ve tried similar things. The magick of the seals elude me, and I think most people considering how well know they are vs the amount of people who use them in practice.

Yeah personally, I have some experience with the seals of the greater key but most of my experience with solomonic magick is with the lesser key and the Goetia

In the video it looks like he blended the greater and lesser.

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Yeah, I see some similarity too it seems like he mixed a few different things together in particular the greater key, some of the lesser key, and some little of aspects of hoodoo candle magick.

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