This has to do with insects

Unless there is correspondence, I know not of where to address this.

Lately I have had flies come into my room, it is deathly cold so I see why not as it’s hot outside.
Earwigs however are not a (common) thing I have had while living in my space for about a couple of year.
As today caught my attention, I identified it as a Jumping Spider(Phidippus Audax) but for some reason, it disappeared from the ceiling for a minute of turning around and I looked everywhere around my room, to no avail it disappeared as quick as I had seen it above.

If anyone can share advice or knowledge, I would appreciate and and thank you to those who read this.


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Ok, So in my area dragon flies arent normal, but I am greeted by one or two everyday. I am also seeking this answer.

A couple nights ago, I dozed off waiting for my girl to get off work, when I awoke, there was a butterfly next to me on her pillow. I caught tut to show her, ‘we released it when she got home’. But as soon as she saw it, she recognized it from dreams she never told me about.

Insects, some of the oldest species on earth speak to us, either subtly or in our face, but should not be ignored.

Seek the answers my friend.


I woke up in the middle of the night from the noise of cats fighting under my window. Cats also are not very common in my yard :cat:

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Do you have a pulse? If not, that will explain the flies :wink:

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