This happened at my ancestors altar and i don't know what it means or if it means anything at all :) Thanks

So feel free to move this , i just didn’t know if putting this here or elsewhere.

Well during 31/10 until the second of november i did some workings at my ancestors altar , i i burned Three principal candels , two white ones and one black to filter. I called for my ancestors invited them In, plus lost souls that meant no harm . I left offerings and sat there trying to meditate .

Anyhow around 1 o clock or two on the second night the black candle made a burned mark on my wall , plus breaking the glass candle holder . I didn’t think much of it until I tried to scrub it down showed my friend and she said she felt santa muertes presence .

As you may see i don’t have any pictures , since my parents were refugees from south america(chile) they don’t really have a lot of pictures but gloria came through in a reading so i thought I could just write her name down :slight_smile:

If it isn’t obvious I’m kind of new to this so … I though I’d just ask here . And if anyone wants to sell me a small tarot reading thatd be ok too :slight_smile:



wow, so it just shattered …

Well good news, there are tons of free readings offered on this site, so keep your eyes peeled for when they pop up, and see if a spot is available. Leaning to do tarot would be the next step, then you can offer, and even do trades


Are you Dutch?

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Yes you are right . I bought the hermetic tarot when I started reading modern magick by donald michael Kraig a year ago and then flaked when it was so ceremonial . ( But i want to read it again now that am more serious about it) but i never really learned how to use the tarot i try to draw some cards sometimes but I still use google to find the meanings so that will take some time I guess… i just know the hierophant kept falling out of the deck those days.
Anyhow Meanwhiles I’ll trade money :slight_smile: or wait as u said

Lol no I actually just found that bible :0 is that bad

Lol no if it’s yours, it’s yours :slight_smile:

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There are a couple ways that could be interpreted.

First off though, how far was the candle from the wall?

It was quite close , not super close but still close ! Just as close as the other candels i guess. That’s why I didn’t think anything about it, although there was hella energy in the room when I snuffed it out because of it and got kinda freaked out , did a short version of LBPR and went to bed with a big chunk of tourmaline to chill out with a joint.

That burn mark may be due to that, not spiritual influence.

I could see it being spiritual influence if it were further from the wall.

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That’s great i was like bro I been giving you offerings for three days why you mad .

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Why a Bible?

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Ha. I had the exact same bible edition in boarding school. Have you cleansed it before putting it on your altar? Be careful and never leave candles unsupervised. That bible could’ve caught flame. I don’t sense anything malicious from the candle burn.


I don’t know I just felt like it . Also some of my ancestors where christians and as I child I used to pray even though in my family no one did or taught me too. My sister always told me this growing up that is was odd .

And since im here and people are answering . The ancestor Gloria that came through in a reading I got, did Espiritismo . Anyone know anything about that ?

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Yesss i did cleanse it , i found that bible , a pocket sized coran and a book of what appears to be Hindu scriptures .
Are you dutch ?since you had the same .

And yes you are right I know now have to be more careful xd
And thank you for your answer on the candle :slight_smile:

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I corrected your title

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Ok . Thankyou :slight_smile:

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I didn’t have time to look at this before but I am now and thank youuuu :two_hearts:

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Your welcome

Yes I am Frisian-Dutch. You’re welcome.