This dream

Most of the dream was about being alone and down. I don’t remember much of it. Though there was this one part that was abit lighter. I was in a ware house with several over people. I was tracing a ritual sword along the floor while this kid from school, Tim, chased me. Then this brown haired girl stopped us and made us sit down. Though, the weird thing was we were watching some blonde haired girl in a bright yellow bikini twerk. Her face was turned away, but I could tell she was enjoying herself. What I could remember was certainly a brighter, though confusing, mood.

Any thoughts on this


A sword is normally a sign of division, and seeing one in your dream means you need to review your life, cut things out including bad habits. The sword could also signify aggressive behavior. You may feel that you are undertaking a psychological inner fight with yourself, not knowing which way to turn.

The dream about a sword tracing (a circle?) on the floor indicates that you are seeking some type of protection. If you are holding a sword and in conflict with others in the vision that you are trying to move away from a relationship or move towards resolution with those adversaries or they will harm you in the future.

And the girl? Sexuality seems to be a big thing in my dreams. Sometimes its something foreboding, like being seduced into a trap. Other times, its generally something light and playful, signifying something social.

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The girl watching but bashful? Could mean you perceive others as intruding or curious as to your actions. She is wearing a bikini or scantily clad indicates she has nothing to hide and wants to attract attention.

Yeah, I do wish a woman would want that sort of attention from me.

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