This dream I had

It begins on the computer with me making a new build for a world of warcraft character based off of dragons. Then it goes to me at qxt, this goth night club i go to. I’m talking to this girl I’m hoping to develop a relationship with. Then she tells me she’s not interested so I leave unhappy. For some reason its the middle of the day and the beach is afew blocks in front of me. For some reason I end up in this beach house. There’s tons of boys and girls in bathing suits, and even though many of them are in perfect, I’m still self conscious about my body. I awkwardly make small talk with some of the girls with limited success. Course, I never can tell. My anxiety prevents me from determining how successful I am. Then they all decide to go swimming. This black guy pulls me over and says “You don’t have a bathing suit do you?” I suppose I could by one from the town near by, but he says no one will care. I say I’m trying to figure out what this place is. A college maybe, but I can’t get in. The dream ends with me trying to empress some girls by diving into the ocean from a rock.

I think the dream is exactly what you saw and nothing else. Its the way you see yourself in your conscious mind.