This dream I had last night

It started out with me at this summer camp where I was learning magick. I was practicing the first conjuration in the key of Solomon. According to dream, this was meant to bring the spirit to me. However I skipped out on the second conjuration which made the spirit take a physical appearance. So the spirit ended up just pulling pranks on me through the dream.

As with many of my dreams, I’m younger than I really should be. Somewhere between junior high or highschool. There’s also some kids I knew from both periods. It was great seeing them.

Then I found myself in a basement which looked a lot like my own. There were several coaches and several other kids (same age) there and we were all throwing a party. I was talking to this girl. She was African American, appeared athletic, had a pony tail, and wore a white and blue shirt. That might’ve been a sports team shirt. We were having a good. Then I lied down on a couch to watch a movie and suddenly she lied down on top of me. I close my eyes and suddenly become aware that it’s a dream, and resist the call to get up.

Then she’s walking me home that night. And some how I live in New Brunswick. We go into a phone booth to make out, and suddenly the girl becomes a white brunette. And she’s naked.

Then I get a home, and my home becomes a loft. I decide I want to put all the fun stuff up stairs and the magick stuff down stairs, then throw parties.

I got into a room to join a table of people painting, and sitting next to me is Michelle, this pretty girl I knew in middle school. I’m sitting next to her.

Then I wake up. It was a really cool dream of just me hanging out. Which, btw, is very rare. Usually I’m looking for something, fighting against something, or trying to get away from something.

Recently, a storm has left us without power. It’s left some significant damage so the word is we won’t be getting power for a few days. And A power outage during a pandemic Is just stupid. I can’t even go to the gym to shower. So I’m hoping I’ll have another dream like last night’s.

Oh how I miss these adventurous dreams, I barely dream because pot stops it. The melatonin production isn’t the same. When I stop pot, my dreams are inexplicably weird and crazy… they’re also too vivid at times.

These epic dreams are only a reflective of the subconscious; it’s a bedding that stores every single detail, and it can and it will produce altering dreams such as these…

The bedding of the subconscious is the psyche and it plays different versions of the self when dreaming hence these different alters of age, reality and identity. It’s suppose to work this way because truth is stranger than fiction!

Are you saying that I’m actually 15? If so, I’d totally believe that.

Perhaps. I haven’t lapsed into a dream with another personality or identity (age, physical appearance, different family and friends etc) — the dreams where it becomes personal is more like an interlude of the spirit itself.

To share something on the off-note, since I was a kid sometimes I wake up back to earth and I have to gasp and register earth for a few minutes because I was taken somewhere quite far and when times up it’s a snapshot and I’m back. Sleep is truly the cousin of death!