This dream I had, coincidence or does it mean something? Any interpretations?

I did not know where to put this so if it is in the wrong place please move it to where it belongs.

So, last night I fell asleep and had a weird dream that I found odd. It started in some sort of cafe and I was with a large group of people. Some man walked in and everybody seemed nervous…maybe even scared about him but I was fine, just curious about him. So, he approached me and he talked, asking me about myself and what I do and if I would be willing to go with him or work with him, I cannot remember which. I was confused but I told him that I did not know him and I was concerned about that.

He sort of gave me this smirk and handed me some money, telling me to work with him by distracting the people I was with. He gave me a 10, a 2, and a 1 dollar bill. I did not even remember that two dollar bills even existed. So I looked at the money and realized that it was 13 dollars. That stood out to me the most in my dream so I thought I should mention this.

So he took some of the people, boys specifically, I was with and they took off. We got onto a bus and parked in a dark empty parking lot in the middle of the night. After a while they all returned with stuff. Food, drinks, money and other useful things. I am still not sure how exactly they got that stuff. But anyway I was in the back of the bus and I turned around and saw the man in a car and our eyes met and he winked at me with that same smirk before he drove off.

I figured I should mention that yesterday I lit a cinnamon incense for Lucifer, and after reading on this forum about something someone has done to call for a demon, I listened to his enn from Satan and Sons on youtube while masturbating (nothing too extreme as I am a virgin) and I called for him as I orgasmed. I do not know if that has anything to do with it or if that was a mere coincidence

Anybody here who can try and help me interpret this dream, I usually do not dream and if I do I can never really remember them. Do you have any idea what it could mean? But this one keeps staying in my mind. :thinking:

Thank you for any help.


Receiving cash from a stranger and holding an amount of cash of 13 dollars, an omen of bad luck, it means that you are seeking a sign that what you are currently doing is in line with your future goals.

It is a call for thorough self-assessment because a profound doubt on your abilities is coming up from the depths of your unconscious, and it has been disturbing you regarding your finances, which are running low or better employment that you feel more comfortable with.


Hey there.

I would say that this is not just coincidence.

The fear that the others felt of him compared to the curiosity that you felt would make sense in regards to Lucifer. Most of the world today has completely forgotten that he is a pre christian Roman deity know n as the Light Bringer…most people today associate him with the Christian Satan/Devil and as the embodiment of evil. So, it would make sense that others would be afraid of him.

You on the other hand have gone so far as to direct your sexual energy to him…which obviously shows that you don’t have that same level of fear for him, but rather, like you said, curiosity and interest. So, therefore, due to your lack of fear, he chose you out of the crowd to converse with. Remember that you reached out to him before going to bed, so…this conversation, getting to know each other, sounds like an introduction of each other.

I would suggest looking up all these numbers in numerology: 10,2,1 and 13. Get a feel for each number individually and there total of 13. Also look up the number 4 which is what 13 reduces to. This may reveal something you need to know. I’m not sure exactly what Lucifer’s “official” number is.

I would say that whatever things you learn looking up these numbers…these are the lessons that Lucifer is offering you. If you work with Him, he will teach these things to you.

As for distracting the other people…I guess I would need more info…how did he want you to distract them? Did he say why?

This could possibly be pointing to Lucifer’s blessings. Saying that if you work with him, he will help you to attain these things…the necessaries of life…all the “useful things” you mentioned. You being in the back of the bus…to me that would signify that you have given trust…you are not in control of the direction of the bus, since you are not driving, but you are trusting that the bus is going where you need it to go.

Him winking at you and giving you that smirk…I’d say these “boys” were basically symbolic of the situations and people in your life being used to bring you what you need…note that they brought back all this useful stuff, but you never left the bus. This wink is like Lucifer saying…see…I’ve got you, let’s work together and you’ll have what you need.

This is a powerful way of connecting with spirit. So, know that if you directed that, you are creating a strong link. I would say that you should be paying attention.

I could be wrong with this, but this is how I would interpret your dream.

The only thing that I notice you neglected to mention is Light. Lucifer is the Light Bringer, so one may expect to see a lot of light symbolism in the dream…or just a lot of light itself…

The lack of light (being that it was at night) could potentially cause someone to interpret this very differently than I have…although…Lucifer is the morning star…which appears while it is still dark, just before the sun rises…so…yeah…lol


I see, that makes sense. The distracting,it seemed like it was in a way so that they would not question how those boys got all those things and brought them back. I feel like in a way it meant that I will get what I would want by working with him, and people would question how these things come to me? And when he first showed up it was sort of the daytime but when we were in the parking lot it was dark and I was feeling uneasy. I do not know why.

But when the man showed up, my uneasiness went away and I even felt happy seeing him. Even though I did not know him.

Exactly! When it was dark, I sort of took that as “the light in the darkness” sort of thing. I figured he was bringing good things to me as in my dream I was thinking of the things we did not have. I clearly remember saying in my dream how thirsty I was but I only had the money he gave me and I did not want to spend it because I felt like those 13 dollars were important to me for some reason.

I have always been told by all sorts of people that the number 13 is often mentioned in Luciferian magick and even just magick in general which now makes me think that maybe he was hinting that he is a form of Lucifer. I remember being slightly nervous when he was talking to me but that was because I saw him as extremely attractive and was nervous that I would be awkward and embarrass myself in front of him by freezing up or by making some sort of inhuman squeak out of shyness :rofl:

I was looking up about the number 13 and two things caught my attention. A 13th rune called “Eiwaz” it represents a balance between Light and Dark :thinking:

And in tarot the 13th card is Death, which can also signify rebirth and renewal.


Yes…this makes a lot of sense!

Hmm…also makes sense. That certainly could be.

lol. I see. I can see that for sure. Him being attractive and all.

Interesting note. Both about Eiwaz and the Death card. They could be connected.

All in all, I definitely think that you made contact with him. The first time I invoked him the same way you did, I had a dream that night as well. Mine was different, but it was a dream from him no less. And afterwards…whenever I connect with him, I feel intense energy go through my body and it is distinctly sexual in nature.

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Thank you so much! I am so glad, I also feel like I made contact with him and hope to work with him and learn from him. I will continue to learn as much about him as possible. I actually am trying to make an altar for him right now.

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Thank you for posting this @Purple

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Yeah, i’m trying to make some space so I can set up an altar for him as well…an official altar anyway lol

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Howdy! Just curious if you have any updates? Did you have any more dreams?

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Dreams, well. I had a dream a few days ago where I was hanging out in a room with a bunch of singers. Random people really, celebrity singers, people who play bands in hotels and even people who sing in Broadway. It was odd as all of them, I did not really know about nor care for.

Then, the next morning I wanted to keep looking up about Lucifer and literally the first link I saw said something along the lines of “Lucifer was the head angel of music in Heaven”

I am still trying to figure out if that was mere coincidence as I have never heard anyone who works with him mentioning anything about him having something to do with music :thinking:

I will keep trying to contact Lucifer and see how it goes. I have been struggling with meditation as I live in a household with many people and screaming children who love to play. lol I, unfortunately, have not been able to meditate for a while which makes me feel like I have taken a lot of steps back on my path to opening my senses :grimacing:

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It’s not a step back…you just get back to it as you can.

As far as Lucifer and music…I think that primarily comes from Christian corruption…Lucifer originally was a pre christian roman deity…but he could be connected to music…Idk.

That is interesting though…the dream…I don’t think it is coincidence…I don’t really believe in that. Everything comes together.


Oh, that is good.

Yeah, I always assumed it was something religious.

Maybe Lucifer meant he likes music? Or that he is good with helping people with music and singing? Or maybe it was about talking about a different demon, maybe one who appears and people sometimes hear music?
I will have to keep looking up any information possible about him. See what I can find, I just found the dream odd as it was after I had called out for him. Not during meditation but I just casually told him goodnight before falling asleep

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