This dream got me wondering, do read haha

So the scenario was like this in last night’s dream, some chick came over to my house, seemed abit older than me by a couple years clearly. We then headed to a starbucks like restaurant, she leaned to her left and started to flash her tits, i was shooked.

So shooked to a point my right nostril started bleeding, more like an “OOF” reaction, i stood up and went to the toilet and looked in the mirror, i could literally feel the pain throbbing in the dream. I really don’t know what to make of it, if anybody has any opinions or interpretation please, appreciate it haha.

Relix the Warlock

Dreams are very subjective and personal, it is quite difficult for other people to interpret them for you I’m afraid. The most I can suggest is to look for individual elements of the dream and then search online for their specific meanings, and see if anything matches up, specifically referring to your current emotional state.

However I do note that you shouldn’t necessarily take “dream dictionary” interpretations as gospel, for a few reasons:

  1. Different people/sources may have completely different interpretations of a dream symbol;

  2. The same site/source may state two completely opposite meanings of the same symbol – for example “if you dream of swimming in the ocean, this is a bad sign that means you are currently going through a period of emotional turmoil. alternatively, dreaming of swimming in the ocean can mean you’re very happy and emotionally balanced” – a direct contradiction;

  3. You can take into account anyone else’s given interpretation of dream symbols, but you must also consider its symbolism relative to yourself. For example, you might read somewhere “dreaming of seeing a large dog running towards you is a sign of prosperity and luck”, but you have a phobia of large dogs. That would generally affect how you feel about the dream and the symbolism behind it that your subconscious is trying to reveal to you.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Often the best thing you can do, if you want to interpret your dreams, is to keep a daily dream journal, how the dream or the different symbols/occurrences made you feel, review it often for recurring themes or symbols, and then assess what your emotional state was at the time of the dream, or any other noteworthy occurrences in your life (e.g. a new job, ending a relationship, fighting with a friend, and so on) that happened at the time.

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