This doesn't make sense

EA koetting said that all gods of every religion and their heavens reside on the astral plane but there is no god that resides on the godplanes of existence where the source of consciousness why is this. is btw the source of consciousness is all knowing, all present,all powerful

In my opinion this kind of thing is a huge waste of your time right now, but if you want to see my model of how all this works without contradiction or genuine paradox, try this:

I don’t know of a simpler answer than “All is mind - the universe is a mental thing.” Every seeming paradox is explained by it, nothing is conflicting nor left out, and it explains why people get results regardless of their belief system or methods, and even where these seem to clash. :thumbsup:


Thank you

No probs. I recommend taking short notes of each Principle, taking them down by hand in your own words will feel like a tedious thing at the time BUT it will help bring them from the abstract realms of words on a page, to your own mind. It is an investment of time that will repay many times over.