This crazy dream I had last night

So I remember having an awkward conversation with these girls I went to school with in Middle school. I won’t give names, but they were the popular girl types. We all know them. The conversation felt kind of tense, but how else would it feel talking to the girls who used to treat you like shit.

Next I remember driving to some place that’s quite a ways away. That’s something I do often. However Azazel was there with me. I use Azazel in this novel I write as something of a spiritual guide for the main character, but the image he took in my dream WAS JUST WEIRD. Imagine a towering gaunt figure wearing a hooded robe or cloak with a long thin skull of some animal for a head, perhaps wolf like. He didn’t appear to have much of a build per SE. However his skull has teeth and fangs.

I get to what I remember to be some large dark structure, possibly a castle. It seems to be some sort of brothel and is headed by this tall woman with raven hear. Some of the girls from earlier are there too, kind of working there and wearing very sexual outfits. Actually everyone from Middle school is there. Now that I’m awake I find that kind of odd considering many of them would most likely be living more vanilla lives. I’m into the S @ M scene myself. We all took seats surrounded by some dark wall and gate and the madame enters the stage. We’re expecting some sort of show, possibly a strip dance, but instead she takes out some sort of scythe and starts swinging it at us all anime style. We all survive because I call on Azazel to protect us. His cloak opens and out comes a long bony arm with large sword like claws. The two start fighting and I lead the group to safety.

Most of the dream after that just has this grim cynical feel to it. I don’t know why. I even wake up feeling cynical. The cynicism fades but it was just weird.

I have had other dreams about the kids I went to school with. Sometimes we’re kids again and the tone is happy. Other times we’re grown young adults and I meet them for the first time in years and the dream is tense and uneasy, like they’re judging me and I’m judging them. However this dream was just cynical and dark. This woman using sex to lure us in and then tries to “reap” us, only for us to be saved by Azazel. Those girls mentioned earlier being a sort foreshadowing.

Is there anyone who has an opinion?


I’m not surprised Azazel appeared that way or that he helped you.

But I am curious about the woman. And the kids from school. Maybe you need to do some work to get past older issues with classmates so that you can move on. I was never popular in school and usually only had 2 or 3 close friends.

Perhaps you leading everyone to safety is significant that you are taking on a more leader ship role in life.


Well, I’ve made a post once about my difficulties regarding sexuality.

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I agree. That seems to be a motif. One of the very things that shackles a practitioner the most is the chains of their past and their trauma.

Now, the op said that they wanted to work with Lilith and that they’ve recognized their trauma. The path they need to walk has been laid out to them.


This page about a game basically resonates with me. Mostly with what I’m trying to do. Hell, the philosophy section feels very similar to the LHP concept of the adversary.

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I bookmarked it for later reference, I gotta do some stuff.

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