This article is b.s. and what do u think?

Hello all

So just now I was looking online and somehow came across this article. It’s from a Xian page but I wanted to ask your opinion. The lady claims that she was a Spiritist along with her mother in Scotland and hat everything was all good but then the spirits started messing with them and they went crazy.

Now I have heard that in magick you have to take alt of care with protection but tbh I know espiritistas and people in different currents and although not all of them may be perfect- I never seen anyone go crazy like this. Do you find any validity with this or is it just Xian propaganda? I’m leaning more toward the latter. But I really want to hear what you all think.

So here it is if u want to judge for yourself.


It sounds like they got a few too many parasites and didn’t know how, or weren’t strong enough, to purify their house. Individuals who enter the occult without a proper ability of self-defense, will end up with these stories and, because magic is belief, the Pentecostal Christians were capable of purifying the house by the name of Jesus. Not because of any strength in the name itself, but because of their faith.

It’s a very likely story, and I see no reason why not to believe it. Just make sure that you are capable of defending yourself against astral trash and you’ll be grande.


Yes this was the other thing I was going to mention. I’m just surprised that someone who studied / practiced as much as they did weren’t able to cleanse themselves or their home? That’s where I got confused

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I’m personally skeptical of the whole psychic thing; I do think psychic abilities are possible on spiritual states of existence but in the material realms of consciousness, anyone who claims to be able to heal you with the power of thier psychic thoughts alone has a tiny red flag of BSery along with that statement. Anyone who somehow believes in pure mind powers like this woman is talking about is probably a few screws short to begin with. You can heal yourself personally and probably feel what others are feeling when they are far away, but it takes a lot of energy to heal someone from far away with your own energy since you need to use your own energy in both traveling and healing. Very few if any self-labeled psychics are the real deal because spiritual abilities are hard to develop to even hear spirits (added with the fact many people have debunked many well-known psychics).

That aside, while I can say she’s likely telling the truth on what happened, I don’t think her interpretation of the situation was whole or even had much thought, especially since her experiences relied heavily on New Age healing. (A.k.a, the worst kind of alt medicine) I personally think New Agers are worst than Xtians because Xtians at least have a handbook of their beliefs (regardless of how much they actually use, and some from-the-book teachings actually aren’t all that bad). Many New Agers are lie profiteers and thier whole system is built from unproven claims and half-true pseudoscience.


Obviously they’re fans of Ghostbusters! That’s all I can see from her story. I’m in the paranormal field for more than 10 years… what she’s saying got nothing to do with reality. But was fun to read :slight_smile:


Well, reiki works, and it’s a combination of psychic thoughts + energy transfer.

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Why so surprised? This forum is full of people that want to summon demonic kings but don’t know how to banish and rarely even meditate. It happens all the time with dabblers, which is exactly what the family in the story sounds like. I think her level of immersion into the occult was likely not as intense as she makes out.


lol that makes sense. I guess because cleansing/banishing was one of THE FIRST things that I learned because I was scared sh*tless in the beginning :woman_facepalming:t3: But it’s true there are a lot of ppl out there who dabble and then get into problems and run to church and then say that


I have invited the deamons to stay in my home and I live next to a graveyard, the spirits love to mess with me. It’s a game, but it’s all good.

Might freak out some softies though