This article blew my mind

Something like this may have already been posted before, but reading this article was seriously like a revelation to me. This would imply and basically confirm that what we are doing exists and is not a series of coincidences. What I take from this is, from a magical and spiritual standpoint, is that any energy we release into the universe during ritual work, and any desire we ask to manifest is essentially already existing somewhere else. This article confirms to me that nothing is impossible, so therefore we are able to pull our desires in from another reality into this one, thus making it true that magick has a real affect on our physical reality.

For example, I cast a money spell to help my struggling company get new investors. In another reality my company is already a multi-million dollar corporation, so I am literally pulling that reality into this one. Next thing you know, over whatever time span, my company in this reality is the rich one. I cast a love spell over a specific person because in another reality we are already together, so therefore I am pulling that reality into this one, thus causing the breakup in the other world. I’m not even sure I can wrap my head around this but I hope I’m making sense.

Perhaps what I am trying to get at is that maybe what we are doing is not creating chance through our work, but it is causing change in another universe which spills into this one (i.e. the company in the other universe goes broke, the relationship ends in the other universe, etc.) This would also prove the Law of Attraction I suppose. I can go forward now knowing that whatever ritual I may do, whatever spell I may cast will be realized in due time, because nothing is impossible and that reality already exists.

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The word Tantra ‘can be said to mean “loom, warp, weave”; hence “principle, continuum, system, doctrine, theory”, from the verbal root tan “stretch, extend, expand”, and the suffix tra “instrument”.’ - Wikipedia.

And the block world stuff I’ve posted about before on here also allows for the possibility that all possible states have already occured, so you could view yourself as The Observer, throwing out skiens of awareness that weave into the already-existing reality you wish to inhabit. :slight_smile:

Just wish I remember why I got bored of the reality wherein hunky male models nibbled on my toes all day, and ended up in this one, where I appear to actually have to do the washing up every now and then… :\