This a proper intro?

Hi!! I’m new ish. Y’all can call me Katari, from Alaska.
I’m kinda just learning/studying whatever I can get my hands on, not sure of my path. So preferred topic is kinda everything?
Particular areas where I need help. I’ll just ask as i go and as needed?
Not sure I can provide help yet, I feel I should work and learn more.

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Thank you!!


Do you have any practical experience in magick?

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I don’t wish to sound childish or unintelligent, but what do you mean by practical? Have I tried using any techniques/stuff involving magick? I have some experience, not a lot lot. I did a thing as a child that was kinda cool.

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Okay, so i have so me experience with magick, but most of what I’ve done has been more as an experiment and to see how far i can push my abilities. I’m kinda interested in working with spirits, but I’ve yet to learn how to see, I can feel somewhat and have done more with learning to feel my own energy and how it interacts with the energy around me. I think i had sexual contact with a spirit before, but I was half asleep and not sure if I was dreaming. Also as a child, I had made a spell to make myself “invisible.” It worked really well, but it didn’t make me invisible, more made me part of the scenery of whoever was around. Kinda like a background person, that kid in the back of the classroom that everyone forgets unless they speak up.


By practical, I meant have you done spells and rituals to achieve material world goals, rather than just reading about magick (what is known as an “armchair magician”)?

Thank you for describing your success with invisibility. That is practical magick :slight_smile:

It was really really simple. All it took was focus, belief, and a snap of the fingers to signal activation. And a code word. What i used, since I was a megaman fan, was “invis”. It was a battlechip that made megaman invisible. And cool. Never heard the term armchair.

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