Third eye

I have heard countless theory’s on this one, have seen it on YouTube channels as well from ek koetting talks a lot about blue ray meditation. That’s excellent meditation for opening my third eye. Again I have heard a lot about void meditation by Adam Thoth. Again I have heard about spirits for this from paralada, sastan, king paimon, Lucifer, seere etc.


  1. Which meditation have you really produced remarkable results in concerning about opening your third eye. So that I kick on it right after now
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Kundalini meditations with candle and without.
My Kundalini is awake.


It may be important to note that the Third-Eye and the Third-Eye Chakra are separate, the actual chakra resides inside your head. Though they are obviously related, I still found this useful to know.

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what’s a kundalini meditation? can you explain further?

I meant a meditation to awaken the Kundalini.
If the Kundalini rises what’s not sure for everyone it’s the easiest way to use the third eye.
I awoke my Kundalini through heavy breathing.

Since when I made the comment you answered to I have more experience then before.

Candles can be used to activate the third eye through scrying.

what’s a kundalini? sorry i am very inexperienced… candle scrying seems interesting, how does it work/whats it like?