Third eye

Has anyone had success opening their third eye using the binaural beats?

This may have some advice for you.


Sorta. I think binaural beats help your brain’s ability to process what it perceives, and the third eye is a source of perception. So I don’t know about opening the eye, but I think they can help you get more from it


That was the general idea.:grin:

I been using them but no change maybe I’m doing it wrong

raises hand

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binaural beats, not personally. what I find that works pretty well for me, and helps get into the meditation / ritual mind is to first create a concencration oil. I made mine of dragons blood oil, cinamon, mugwort and a drop or two of blood. (the oil doesn’t matter, but if you make a ritual oil it helps get into state better) and just put a small dab on your third eye (think like the yogis do) the reason this method works is it draws your attention to that spot and the more attention you have at the third eye the more active it will become.

also works for methods of healing, the more attention you direct at an area your body increases blood flow there, and with that you increase the flow of prana to the area too :slight_smile: