Third eye seems to have closed

Hi, I’m new to magick and recently been working with some demons from a GoM book. I have noticed that when I now meditate, my third eye no longer vibrates.
Is this one of the side effects of magick or a coincidence? Surely it should make your 3rd eye more sensitive?
Either way, if anyone has tips to restore 3rd eye functioning or can share their experiences, I’d be grateful to hear them.


hello ! i can strongly feel the energy here , and you are closing your third eye . you feel drained. you need spiritual growth. a transformation . start on a blank slate . leave everything in the past. focus on the present. clear your mind. expand your mind. your belief. this is definitely a sign from the universe that you need to focus more on your third eye. someone i know has had this problem . she knew how to do Tarot Card Readings, and talk with spirits , but her third eye closed and she lost the ability. i told her to focus more on herself and transform. she needed more belief. a push. now she’s slowly incorporating tarot and other spiritual things into her life, and i’m guiding her. when your third eye closes, like halfff the time it’s from trauma. a possibility could be that you stopped believing and just let stuff go. or it could be ptsd because you don’t know how to work with spirits and have bad experiences with them. and that caused you to back off from spirituality. you need to have more faith in yourself. in your abilities. step into your SOUL. open yourself up and learn more about yourself. the world is telling me to tell you “only then , you will understand.” practice more with it. manifest it . this could be good for you too . the second time opening your third eye you would definitely have more faith , which would expand the things you can do :). have fun in this. don’t let it drain you. spirituality is a choice. the world has brought you to it and it’s helping you decide whether you want to further your wisdom in it or not . what do YOU truly want ? it’s all in you . choose spirituality. align more with yourself. put faith into the universe and “it will bless you.”


Thank you for taking the time to reply in such a comprehensive way @iitrista. I definitely resonate with some of the pearls of wisdom here. There has been a lot of stuff happening recently that has shaken me off course a little bit and then life has been a little heavy too so I am definitely tired, haha.
It does seem to be timed with the same day, I started working with demons…but maybe I am reading a lot into this. It took me a long time to dismantle my belief system to work with demons so maybe I still need to broaden my mind a little and let go of any subconscious blocks.
Thanks again for your reply and the advice.

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of courseeee . and i see . remember that EVERYTHING is for a lesson . the only thing that should truly matter to you are the lessons you learn from everything . worldly affairs are not relevant. shift your focus. stay on your path and find your calling . do what you’re meant to do. it might be hard, but know that there truly is no good without bad . you live through your worst moments to get to your best. start fresh. do what you want . open yourself up. however, that might not be a coincidence. the way you summoned might’ve affected you maybe due to not performing the ritual right ? or it could be actual progress. all up to the demon. some demons turn your life around first so you can learn your lessons, then you get what you desire after. but may i ask which demon you started with ?
hmm and that’s true , i could feel it off of you that you tend to overthink and kinda deny a lot that you think about. you think about something then you’re like nahhh . you need belief . “what you believe will show itself to you.” “the world has magic to show you” that’s what i heard . and of course. let me know if you need anything further :slight_smile:

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A lot of useful advice here - I guess my problem is that for me, some of it is easier said than done. Thank you again. @iitrista, I would PM you for more tips but I don’t think I have this option as a new member yet.

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good luckkkk . i hope you overcome this . heal. and same for me , but i’ll pm you as sooon as it allows me to :slight_smile:

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Thank you :sunflower:
Nice intro post BTW!

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Strange, I thought meditation empowers the third eye.

when i was training in my energy cultivations , my body is more hot and body vibrate more. I assume it’s due to the energy trying to flow through physical body and not use to accumulation of energy . As i progress it gets less hot and less vibration. It’s just a process of growth. Energy centers are not suppose to vibrate all the time. Suppose to be smooth flow. when they vibrate, they may be blockages trying to push through.

maybe you have similar experience . your 3rd eye vibrate cuz it’s not as skillful. as you get more skillful the energy flow better rather than vibrate.

do not predict how you should feel. IT is what it is. just journal it. that is more better feedback instead of assuming you should feel a certain way. do not prejudge your experience. body will make whatever adjustment depending on you phase of practice. each person different experience so don’t compare to others or what happen before. don’t be limited in your view.


meditation depends on what method and purpose. It can work on any areas of your body or energy centers. There’s many purpose and type. meditation is a general term for a practice of awareness.


I know, @Schattenmond. That’s exactly what I’ve mentioned in my original post…which is why I’m finding it confusing. I’ve always had intense feeling in my 3rd eye when meditating until recently…

Thanks @anon37593562. I’ve been meditating for several years now. It is just the timing that has felt off. There is barely any feeling around my third eye and this has coincided with the day that I started working with demons, hence the query.
I think that I might take some time off from magick and spend it on regaining my centre and meditating again, to see if there is any change.
I agree though - there may be some blockages. For now, I’ll not worry too much about it and see what happens.

I have a friend with similar experiences. I made a potion and it’s been working very well. Maybe you can try out some herbs to help!

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Hello @khamsin_jackson - thank you, that’s really interesting. I’m well up for some herbal action. Is it something I can knock up myself or does it require a bit of magick sumthin’ sumthin’? Let me know or feel free to PM me :slightly_smiling_face:

. I Sent a P.M

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Thank you @jbkbmz . I replied but let me know if you didn’t receive it.