Third eye progress?

While I was trying to work on my third eye more through meditations, and trying to well get energy flowing more through there + practicing clairvoyance related divination…I think over time I’ve managed to be able to develop some ability to see energy.

Now the thing is, I only really worked/trained my third eye more with my eyes closed and this affected my progress. When I have my eyes closed, I notice usually when a spirit/energetic presence is around (or perhaps interacts with me in some way?) Through my eyelids (while closed) I will see a dot of light shine (usually light blue/green and sometimes red/black) through my closed eyelids (even when it’s night time with no lights by me to cause this). Ill see it for like a few seconds then the light fades away. This seems to happen when I sense a presence or being interact with me ( I have a still unidentified spirit around me all the time – been for a few months).

I never see this with my eyes open, I do still see the other “energy” (ambient and start of auras glow around people). I think maybe it’s cause I can focus better on using my third eye when I don’t have my Physical vision to distract me? I’ve also noticed that I seem to randomly scry through my eyelids to. Been seeing alot of faint symbols recently as well through my eyelids.

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Been able to scry easier through my eyelids, And seem to scry alot randomly to (scrying symbols/images/sigils/etc).

I’m able to see the spirits “orbs” more – plus the more the spirit manifests the brighter/bigger the orb is I’ve noticed, this doesn’t happen as much as the regular orb/light dots I see.

The colors of the orbs are usually:
Purple, green, light blue, black and white.

Sorta able to see movement through my eyelids to.

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how did you activate your third eye?

Just by practicing using my senses, and practicing third eye energy work/manipulation to.

I would ground first, And have your lower chakras balanced though. Also it didn’t ALL come at once. It takes time for things to develop.

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Do you use YouTube meditations?

Lol yeah, but not voice guided/journey type ones.

Just look up “chakra meditation”, I used alot of the videos from “Meditative Mind” channel. It’s more sound/music/some mantras to help you focus. You still gotta do the work though.


Also I’m along the line of thought that you don’t “activate” the third eye. It doesn’t need to be “opened”.

Its like a muscle, you use it and it develops – you stop/don’t use it and it gets weak.

Energy work/maintenance helps though. Remember to start at the lower chakras - don’t rush to third eye.

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