Third Eye [No Blink]

Anyone noticed when they open their third eye, they are unable to blink in the physical world or they lose the requirement to blink?

Just curious. I’ve been learning some things since working with Lord Belial.


This is a trick from concentration you might notice the same thing when playing intense games or concentrating on say math. It is actually not healthy for your eyes and can strain the eyes. So care should be taken when performing any exercise with the third eye or astral sight to not strain the eyes in the process. In fact physical eyes past a point aren’t needed and you can let them lapse into a semi closed and unfocused state.
Reason eye strain should be avoided is not only for the health of your eyes but it can also tighten the muscles of the forehead causing migraine and produce misleading optical illusions.


Ah makes sense, thank you.
I havent had this issue until recently so I was curious. I do remember to blink, it just feels like I don’t have to. I know you have to blink lol. That’d be stupid to think you don’t have to.


I end up blinking more it’s like my physical eyes say I’m done see out of you ather eyes